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Food blogs are a unique resource for finding new restaurants. As a food blogger, I get to taste new restaurants firsthand, and I have a platform for sharing my recommendations with the world. So when people ask me for recommendations on where to eat in New York City, I’m often at a loss. There are so many great places, and it’s hard for me to keep up!

I’m lucky enough to get the chance to try some amazing local restaurants, but I also love getting recommendations from others. If you’re looking for some of the best food blogs out there, then you’re in luck! Here is a list of my top 5 food blogs that offer restaurant recommendations: 1. The Kitchn 2. Smitten Kitchen 3. No Recipes 4. Food in Jars 5. 101 Cookbooks

Restaurant Recommendations and Food Blogs, a blog by Matt Villano, recommends five of the best food blogs, which are:






Foodrepublic is a blog that contains hundreds of recipes that are submitted by their readers along with photos of their food and stories about the meal that they prepared for their friends, family, or for themselves for dinner when they were feeling hungry in the evening and didn’t want to go out to eat at a restaurant and waste money on food that they could make at home with groceries from the supermarket because they were already there purchasing other household essentials to prepare delicious meals at home to enjoy with their family or friends who drop by unexpectedly during the day while they are at work or school and invite them over to share dinner together with them because they don’t feel like eating alone in the evening after a busy day working or studying at school or work and everyone needs people around them during dinner time to keep them company because we all need friends and family to keep us company during dinner time when we are not feeling like cooking dinner for ourselves in the evening after working

Though it’s more common to think of a blog as a chronological list of posts, not all blogs are made equal. Some are topical in nature, while others are organized more like a magazine. In this post, we have rounded up five of the best food blogs that focus on restaurant recommendations. is a great source for information about popular restaurants and hotels. This site is ranked

The biggest, most important thing that keeps people away from trying their luck with a food blog is their lack of experience and knowledge. Blogging is just like any other job, it takes time to learn the ropes and build up the skill set to be successful at it. Everyone has to start at the bottom, and the only way to improve is through practice.

I’ve noticed that there are a lot of food blogs out there that do a really good job at sharing their experiences with food and cooking through blog posts and recipes. I thought it would be helpful for beginners to know about some of these blogs in case they don’t have anyone to turn to for help.

There are so many different topics that get covered in these blogs but I’ll narrow it down to five different categories: Cooking Tips, Food Reviews, Restaurant Recommendations, Travel Logs, and Culinary School Blogs.

These are my top five picks for a variety of different reasons:

1) Serious Eats – This blog has so much great information on all sorts of topics including recipes, cooking tips, restaurant recommendations and more. The writing is easy to understand while still being very informative. They have a strong social media presence which helps them spread their message across multiple platforms and they also have a

The first stop for any food blogger is the other food blogs. Here are some of my favorites. Each of these blogs has their own unique flavor, but all of them offer a special take on what it means to eat out, and all of them deserve a visit from you.

Talia’s Kitchen: Talia is the queen of Italian cuisine. Her blog is a one-stop shop for making your mouth water over everything from pasta to pizza to risotto.

Talia’s Kitchen also offers an additional service: she will prepare a meal just for you based on your own recipe. She has years of experience as a professional chef and can make almost anything you can dream up come alive on your plate. Check out her website here.

Culinary Colleen: Culinary Colleen focuses on dessert first, but don’t let that fool you: this blog has something for everyone. Her desserts are works of art, and her recipes taste like they came straight from the gods themselves.

Her blog is also good for restaurant recommendations, whether you’re looking for something nearby or just want to find somewhere new to try when you travel somewhere new. Check out her website here.

Ideas in Food: Ideas in Food is focused on teaching home cooks how to take

1. Food52: Part recipe site, part restaurant reviews, part food news, and part how-to everything else. A great go-to for inspiration, whether you’re just dabbling in the kitchen or are a serious cook.

Treat yourself to the hundreds of recipes from their site and find a few restaurants to check out in your area.

2. Chowhound: The first place I turn when I’m looking for recommendations about food – particularly ethnic food.

3. Serious Eats: The website that taught me everything I know about making homemade pasta and bread (yes, it’s that detailed). Serious Eats is mostly a recipe site with great step-by-step instructions and photos which will have you drooling before you even start cooking.

4. Recipelist: A great source for finding new places to eat in cities you may be visiting soon or if you just want to live vicariously through someone else’s dining experiences via blog posts and photos.

5. Eating In Translation: A fascinating blog about translating menus from other countries – as well as translating culinary traditions between different cultures in your own city.

Welcome to The Daily Meal’s Top 5, a countdown of our favorite dishes, restaurants, food-adjacent destinations, and culinary trends in the country right now. Today we’re talking steak seasoning because everyone knows that a great meal starts with a great steak.

The Daily Meal is a leading publisher of restaurant reviews, recipes and more. Our mission is to provide you with the latest information on food news, nutrition and recipes.

Here are the top five steak seasoning blogs:

5) Steak Umm (

4) Steak and Wine Blog (

3) Meatopia (

2) Grilling with Rich (

1) Grilla Grills (**

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