Top 10 Uses for Zatar: a blog around the uses of zatar and how you can use it.

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Zatar is a spice that is very versatile and can be used in many different ways. Zatar is a spice blend which contains toasted sesame seeds, sumac, thyme, salt and pepper. It is called za’tar in the Levant and zaatar in the rest of the Middle East.

Zatar can be used with bread or pita chips, on fish or chicken, on salad or eaten as a dip.

Here are 10 interesting uses of zatar:

10- You can use it in salads as you would use herbs such as parsley or cilantro . It will add a nice touch to your salad.

9- You can also use it in dips for your crackers or pita chips. You can make a dip by mixing some yogurt with it and adding garlic and minced onions to it if you like.

8- You can mix it with some olive oil and apply it to your hair after washing to give it shine and keep dandruff away.

7- If you add some lemon juice to zatar, you will have an excellent rub for your meat that will make your meat more tasty but also keep it moist while cooking.

6- Applying zatar on your skin will help moisturize dry

Zatar is a Middle Eastern spice mixture. It’s made from sumac, sesame seeds, dried and ground into powder, mixed with salt and some other spices. Zatar can be used for your soup and salads or for baking. In fact, zatar has endless number of uses. Some of the top 10 ways to use zatar are:

1- As a bread spread: in Lebanon, zatar is served as an appetizer with bread, olives and cheese.

2- As a dip: in Iraq it’s served as a dip for meat or just crackers and bread.

3- On pizza: zatar can give your pizza different flavor!

4- In vegetable salad: you can use it in your salad with cucumber and tomato salad.

5- Making cookies: you should try sesame cookies with zatar!

6- For marinating meats: you can use it to marinate chicken legs or lamb chops before grilling them for best taste!

7- In hummus: either mix it with the hummus or use it as a topping on the hummus!

8- As a sandwich spread: sprinkle some zatar on your sandwich for a delicious treat!

9- In fatoush salad:

Zatar is a Middle Eastern spice that’s very popular around the Mediterranean region. It tastes like a mixture of cumin, oregano, and thyme, with a hint of lemon.

Zatar is used in both sweet and savory recipes. Zatar mixed with olive oil makes an excellent herb butter for bread. You can also use it in cooking vegetables, fish, legumes and meats. You might not be aware of it but zatar has more than just one flavor profile. Some people tend to use more thyme while others prefer using more oregano.

Tahini (a paste made from ground sesame seeds) mixed with zatar is used as dip for pita bread or to spread on bread and make sandwiches. Zatar mixed with olive oil is commonly used as a marinade for meat before grilling or roasting. Finally, zatar sprinkled over salads or added to stuffing’s makes them taste delicious.

Zatar, also known as za’atar or zahatar is a spice mix that is popular in the Middle East and North Africa. Zatar has a distinctive, tangy flavour that is best described as “herby.” It’s often found in restaurants and delis in the region and is used to flavor meat, eggs, soup, salad, even ice cream.

Taste: This spice mixture has a somewhat complex taste. It includes coriander, dried thyme and oregano. The flavour of zatar can be enhanced by slowly toasting it in a dry pan before adding the rest of the ingredients.

Zatar makes an excellent rub for chicken and fish. It can also be used to make a simple dip or sauce that can be used as a spread for flatbreads. Just mix it with olive oil and lemon juice to taste. If you want to add some heat to your sauce or dip use hot red pepper flakes instead of lemon juice.

Zatar is delicious when sprinkled over hummus! It adds a lemony flavour as well as texture to this Middle Eastern spread made from chickpeas. You can also use it on top of your favourite salads for extra flavour.  You could even use it in place of regular salt

Zatar is a spice blend that is popular in the Middle Eastern countries. It is also known as Za’atar, Zaytoune or Zaiton. Zatar is a mixture of dried herbs and spices. The main ingredients in zatar include sesame seeds, oregano and thyme. This mixture is used to make breads, dips and salads.

The word zatar means “thyme” in Arabic but it refers to a spice mix that includes thyme and other herbs and spices like sumac, sesame seeds, salt, pepper and marash pepper.

The origins of this spice mix are not exactly clear. Historians think that this recipe was invented by the Arabs who used to live in the region now known as Syria and Jordan. Sesame seeds have been found in archeological sites in the Middle East dating back to 7000 BC.

Zatar was made with dried wild thyme because fresh thyme was not available back then. Zatar has been around since 1000 A.D., when it was mentioned by Abu al Qasim al-Zahrawi (Abulcasis), an Arab physician known as the father of surgery for his famous Al-Tasrif , which introduced many innovations still used by

One of the most fascinating herbs in our scented herb collection is zatar. For those who don’t know what zatar is, it is a mixture of wild oregano, thyme, and sesame seeds, dried and used as a spice. Scattered with olive oil, we use it on breads or sandwiches or even crackers. But did you know that zatar has many more uses? Here are just a few:

If you are suffering from abdominal pain and gas, make a tea using one teaspoon each of mint and zatar. This will ease your discomfort fast. It’s also good for diarrhea.

Olive oil mixed with zatar will relieve gingivitis. Rub it on your gums once a day to help get rid of bad breath and keep your mouth fresh.

Zatar is also very good for sore throats. Mix one tablespoon with hot water and gargle three times daily to soothe your throat

Mix 01 tablespoon of zatar with honey and apply to skin blemishes like pimples or acne to heal them quickly

Plant a small pot of zatar outside your front door; this will prevent people from entering your abode unannounced

Topically applied on rashes, eczema and insect bites

Zatar is a spice blend widely used in the Middle East, especially in Levantine cuisine, and also in North Africa. It is typically made of dried herbs such as oregano, thyme and savory, combined with toasted sesame seeds and sumac.

Tahini paste is also sometimes added to it. Zatar can be eaten as a sandwich filling, or on bread with olive oil for breakfast or even on cream cheese. In Lebanon and Syria, za’tar is often added to hummus.

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