What’s Dukkah? Everything You Need to Know About this Delicious Egyptian Spice Blend: A blog around the flavors of dukkah, its history and uses.

You are currently viewing What’s Dukkah? Everything You Need to Know About this Delicious Egyptian Spice Blend: A blog around the flavors of dukkah, its history and uses.

Dukkah is a versatile and delicious Egyptian spice blend that is easy to make at home. Dukkah, pronounced “duck-ka,” is similar in concept to a spice rub: it’s made from a combination of toasted nuts, seeds, and spices. Though its exact origins are unknown, this tasty blend is often served alongside bread at dinner or with olive oil as an appetizer.

*Dukkah is usually made with hazelnuts or walnuts, which are the nuts most commonly grown in Egypt. In some recipes, sesame seeds may be used in place of the hazelnuts or walnuts, or in addition to them.*

*The herbs and spices used in dukkah vary by region and family tradition. Some common ingredients include coriander, cumin, dried thyme and oregano, roasted garlic, whole black peppercorns, and sea salt. Some family recipes may also add cinnamon or allspice.*

*Dukkah is traditionally made using a mortar and pestle to grind the nuts into smaller pieces. This can be accomplished with a food processor but you’ll need to pulse the nuts a few times until they’re finely ground.*

Dukkah is a blend of spices, nuts and herbs. It’s used as a dip or topping for breads or vegetables. The recipe is said to have originated in the Nile Delta region of Egypt (hence the name). It is also referred to as an Egyptian Spice Blend.

A very popular Egyptian dish is called molokhiya, which is a vegetable dish made with purslane leaves and onions sautéed with dukkah. Dukkah is also used on top of Laban (yogurt) as a dip called Laban Dukkah.

Dukkah’s main ingredients are usually hazelnuts, sesame seeds and coriander seeds. However, the variations of Dukkah are endless since it’s made with different combinations of any nut, seed or herb you can think of. Some people go for peanuts, almonds, pistachios and pine nuts along with seeds like cumin, caraway and fennel seeds. It might sound like a lot but in fact it’s very easy to make and it will make your kitchen smell like heaven! To be honest I won’t know what to do without this spice blend now that I’ve started using it so often at home!

Dukkah, a blend of spices and nuts, is a versatile Middle Eastern dip or condiment whose origins are still mysterious. To understand its subtle and complex flavors, we need to look at the history and uses of dukkah.

The word “dukkah” comes from the Arabic verb duqqa, which means “to pound.” Dukkah originated in ancient Egypt as a spice mix for bread. It was traditionally served with olive oil for dipping vegetables or mixing into a salad. The use of dukkah spread throughout North Africa, Middle East and even India. Today, Egyptians use it on bread instead of butter.

Dukkah is a staple in many Egyptian households today. It’s also considered one of the national dishes of Egypt; it’s even mentioned in Al-Idrisi’s famous 12th century book on geography. Some people also consider it an aphrodisiac!

In spite of its popularity, there are still many unknowns about dukkah. As mentioned earlier, its origins remain mysterious, and there are no known historical records about when or how it was first made. There are several different versions as well: some use hazelnuts, others almonds or pistachios. Most versions contain

Dukkah is an Egyptian spice blend and dip popular all over the Middle East. In the simplest sense, it’s a mix of roasted nuts and spices that’s used as both a condiment and a dip for bread. These days you can even buy pre-made dukkah mixes, but on request, I’ll be happy to share my own easy homemade recipe.

It might sound strange to non-Egyptians, but many Egyptian households prepare their own blends at home. It’s fun, delicious, and a great way to get kids involved in the kitchen. My kids love to crack the coriander seeds with a mortar and pestle or pound the nutty sesame paste with a hammer until it becomes creamy and smooth.

Dukkah is a traditional Egyptian spice blend that is derived from an old recipe. It was discovered by the Pharaos and has been used ever since. It is made up of seeds, nuts and herbs, with a base of sesame and coriander seeds. Because of its great taste, it has become popular in many countries around the world.

Dukkah, the Egyptian spice blend, is used as a dip for bread and vegetables or can be added to meat dishes. Dukkah is made from roasted and ground nuts, aromatic spices and herbs. The mix usually contains nuts such as hazelnuts and/or almonds, sesame seeds, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, dried red chiles and marjoram.

Dukkah is a nut and spice blend that hails from Egypt. It’s wonderful as an appetizer served with flatbread. It can also be used in a variety of ways, including sprinkled over cooked vegetables, stirred into soup or mashed potatoes, or even spread over toast like a paté.

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