Here’s where I am

Here’s where I am: a blog about very timely info.

I’ve been reading the first few pages of Donald Knuth’s “The Art of Computer Programming” for about ten years. But I finished it last week.

I’m going to start writing a book on AI.

I just wrote my first PYTHON script.

I’m starting to think that the internet is overrated.

Here’s where I am: a blog about very timely info…

I expect the most read posts to be about whatever is big on the news that day, but there are a few things I’d like to do regularly.

– A weekly look back at the week in history, from ten years ago this week through 100 years ago this week.

– A weekly summary of what I’ve been reading online — my Daring Fireball, if you will.

– A weekly look at what new music I’ve been listening to and what concerts are coming up that I’m looking forward to.

Let me know if you have any recommendations for how best to do these things.

This is a blog about very timely information.

I have a blog about very timely information. Sometimes I get really busy and there’s not much time to post anything. I’m going to try to make a posting schedule so that you guys know when to expect new posts.

I will post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

That’s it! Thanks for reading.

I’ve been using this blog to write about my life, work and ideas, but I’d like to share a few more things on here.

Technology is quickly changing the world around us. It’s changing the way we live, work, play and even think. I’m fascinated by how it changes us and the world around us. We’re creating new tools, technologies and ways of working every day that are disrupting the status quo, but what does that mean for society?

I want to write about issues in technology today and how they impact our lives. There’s so much information out there that’s confusing or misleading and I’m hoping to add some clarity to it all.

When I first started blogging in 2002, almost nobody was doing it. Because I was an early adopter and evangelist, I was able to get a lot of attention, which helped me build an audience and get a few book deals. Since then the blogosphere has exploded, and people have realized that blogs are the best way to get their ideas out there and make a living as a writer.

Now that everyone is blogging, if you want to stand out you need to be an expert in a very narrow niche. But being an early adopter also has disadvantages. You become so used to blogging one way that you’re afraid of change, even when it would help you.

For years I resisted putting ads on my blog because it seemed crass, but now that’s what everybody does. Now I’m kicking myself for not starting earlier and building up this revenue stream sooner. That’s why I want to teach everything I know about blogging in this course: so you can avoid the mistakes that I made and go straight to making money from your blog.

Right now, I’m in Seattle. The weather is great.

I’m traveling around the world and blogging about my journey. You can follow my trip on a map. Feel free to send me an email!

I grew up in Detroit, Michigan and graduated from Princeton University with a degree in computer science. At school I was involved with the Princeton Entrepreneurship Club and the International Center for Computer Games and Virtual Entertainment (ICCGVE).

I am also a co-founder of Jayfal.

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