Look What’s CookingA Marathi Recipe App

The story behind the recipe app Look What’s Cooking:A Marathi Recipe App.

The story behind the recipe app “Look What’s Cooking:A Marathi Recipe App” is a great one. It was born out of necessity and frustration. Growing up in India, my family had always eaten a predominantly Indian diet although my mother would occasionally cook dishes from other countries. After I moved to the United States, I quickly realized that I could not find many ingredients required for Indian cooking here — those spices and seasonings have to be ordered online or at specialty stores! This was very frustrating for me as I wanted to cook something new every single day and eating out all the time gets boring and expensive. So, I decided to create a blog about recipes that are popular in India but with ingredients that are easily available in most parts of the world.

I started researching recipes on Google and other sites online but found it difficult to decipher which ones were authentic and which weren’t — especially since some websites claim their recipes come from India without ever mentioning where exactly (which makes me think they’re just copying someone else’s work). So now you know why we created this website: it’s because there weren’t any good sources online for Indian cooking that were

We all love food, right? But what is it about Indian food that makes it so special? Is it the variety of cuisines and recipes? Is it the rich history of spices, herbs and ingredients? Is it the dazzling and captivating flavors and aromas? There are many ways to describe Indian food.

But one thing we know for sure is that Indian cuisine is not just a bunch of recipes. It’s a blend of cultures from across the states, blended together to create unique flavors and experiences. The best way to discover this is by making Indian food yourself.

This app will help you do exactly that – cook your favorite Indian dishes.

The Spice Trail – An Introduction To The Best Recipe App For Indian Dishes

We’re going to give you some background on what makes this app so special. Plus, there’s a bonus at the end!

The Story Behind Look What’s Cooking – A Marathi Recipe App

Look What’s Cooking was created by two sisters. These two sisters are passionate about all things food; they enjoy cooking and eating together as a family as much as possible. They like learning about new recipes and sharing their favorite tips, tricks and secrets with each other.


The first ever recipe app made in Marathi language. The growing number of mobile users in India prompted the launch of this app.This app is for all age groups but mostly focused on youngsters who are always on the internet and have access to the smart phones. This App targets those people who are using their smart phones just for watching movies and playing games.

This app not only provides recipes but also gives the history of each recipe.

As the internet grows, people have started sharing their personal stories, recipes and much more. An App for android is developed to share some of the finest Marathi recipes.

I have been a foodie since my childhood and it all started when I moved from Mumbai to Pune. One of my friends was from a typical Maharashtrian household who had her mother cooking delicious food all the time. There were times when I had no idea what she was making, but as soon as I tasted it I went crazy about it. In fact, by now I have made all her signature dishes more than once.

Amongst all the recipes, I personally loved Tandoori Masala Chicken and Pav Bhaji Masala the most, which has to be one of the best pav bhaji masala recipe you can find. This pav bhaji masala powder is a blend of spices that brings an authentic taste and aroma to your dish.

Tandoori Masala Chicken is a popular Indian dish that originated in Punjab around 18th century as Shashlik. Tandoori chicken is marinated in yogurt, lemon juice and garam masala overnight and then cooked in a tandoor- a cylindrical clay oven which originated in the

I am not a good cook. But I always wanted to be a good cook. My dream was to make the perfect recipes at home, and when I found myself in Pune, I was excited to learn how to make all the Indian dishes. But it wasn’t that easy!

After few months of learning, I came across one of the famous recipe app and started making chicken tikka masala at home, but it wasn’t as tasty as it is in restaurants or as given in the recipe. In my first attempt, I spent around 4-5 hours cooking and was not able to get the result as expected. But then I figured out the reason behind it and from then on, whenever I tried to make the same recipe at home, it turned out perfectly.

I am a developer (iOS Developer) by profession. So why don’t I think of making an app based on recipes? Why don’t I try helping other people like me? That is how this idea came into existence!!

Tandoori Masala is a recipe app that allows you to browse, search and filter recipes based on your preference. It also allows you to add new recipes with photo and share it with the rest of the world.

The idea for this app was born during the time when my wife and I shifted from Pune to New Jersey. We were missing the popular food that was made in our hometown Pune by our friends and family.

So we decided to create a recipe app as a way to keep track of all our favorite recipes. As we started collecting more and more recipes we realized that we could share this app with everyone who’s interested in Indian cooking.

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