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Welcome to the world of Spice Bags, a blog that aims to be your source of information on the different types of spice bags you can buy.

Whether you are a beginner or a master in using the spice bag, this blog is for you. We provide easy-to-use information so that you can easily decide which type of spice bag is best suited for your needs.

We will also provide tips and tricks on how to use the different types of spice bags.

In the previous blog we spoke about the best way to choose and eat your spicy chips. Choosing the right bag is very important when choosing a spice bag.

There are many different bags and types of spices out there the most common being chilli, salt and vinegar, cheese, sweet and sour.

Choosing your spice bag can be daunting as most supermarkets do not have a wide variety of spice bags in stock so it’s important to get it right first time.

As we previously mentioned always choose a large bag as small bags tend to be very greasy and won’t fill you up as much.

The most common type of spice bag is cheese with salt and vinegar coming in a close second. These are great for the casual spice bag eater but for the real connoisseur you should opt for something more exotic such as chilli or sweet and sour.

Sweet and sour is great if you like something sweet but not too spicy. This is also perfect if you are sharing your spice bag with friends as it’s safe for everyone to eat.

Chilli is a spicy option that will get your taste buds tingling but beware this can be dangerous if you do not like heat! Always check the heat level of your chilli before eating it otherwise

The spice bag is a way for visitors and also tourists to sample the best of Ireland’s street food.

The Spicy Fried Chicken, chips and curry sauce will keep you warm on a cold day. The chip shop will also have a selection of other items to choose from so it’s important to check with your local chip shop.The Spice Bag has been around in Ireland since the 1990s. It’s not a new product but it is one that has been gaining popularity over the years and is now available in many more places than it used to be.

There are different ways to get your spicy fried chicken fix and when it comes down to it all that matters is what you like. There are two main types of spice bags available in Ireland,

1) The Chinese type which can be found in most Chinese takeaways and contains chips, chicken balls, chicken wings, sweet peppers, chilli sauce and salt & pepper or,

2) The Irish style which consists of chips, spicy chicken pieces and curry sauce.

Many local chip shops around the country have started offering their own version of the Spice Bag which may vary slightly from place to place but generally contains chicken pieces, chips and spices such as chilli flakes/chilli powder or

It is one of the most popular and loved dishes in Ireland. It’s called “spice bag”. It is a snack that is made of battered chicken, chips, chili peppers and other spices. It is usually served in a plastic bag or paper bag. Basically, you’re getting a bunch of delicious fried food all in one bag.

Spice bag is so popular we have decided to dedicate a whole blog to it! Here you will find information about what is inside the spice bags, where to get them and tips for eating them.

The Spice Bag is a popular Chinese takeaway dish which consists of chicken, chips and other unidentified meat. The popularity of the Spice Bag has increased dramatically in the past year, but with it came the fake bag.

Fake bags are often made up of stock standard ingredients such as chicken nuggets, chips and onion rings. These are then thrown together with a fake spice mix consisting mainly of salt.

The Spice Bag was originally created by restaurant Wongs on the Long Mile Road. The owner at the time, Mr Wong, described it as “the perfect combination of spice and mystery”. He also added that he “didn’t even know what was in it”.

The Spice Bag is a very secretive concoction that nobody seems to know much about. Even Mr Wong admitted he had never tried it himself until after it became popular.

I have managed to find a recipe for a spicy bag but I have yet to try it myself.

The chips are cooked in a spice bag which contains a mixture of herbs and spices, including cumin and Szechuan peppercorns. The bag is removed before the chips are served, leaving the spice mix coating the chips.

A spice bag is an Irish take-away food, consisting of chicken pieces, chips and red and green peppers in a spiced batter. It was first served by the Chinatown Take Away restaurant in Cork City, Ireland. The dish has since become popular across Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The typical ingredients are chicken, sliced green and red pepper, chili sauce and a spice mix. The spice mix can include cayenne pepper, paprika, Sichuan pepper and garlic powder. The ingredients are deep fried in batter.[1] The dish is served in a paper bag, with salt, chili sauce or sweet & sour sauce often added.

A variation is the crispy duck spice bag or crispy chicken spice bag which replaces the chicken with duck or crispy chicken respectively.[2]

A 2018 survey found it to be the most popular takeaway food among respondents in Ireland.[2]

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