Why is Chaat Masala Brand so Unique? A blog about the opportunity to join the Chaat Masala brand family.

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Chaat Masala is a brand that was created to fill a demand for a unique blend of spices, mango pulp and natural sweeteners. We wanted to create something new and exciting. Chaat Masala has been selling in grocery stores, deli counters and restaurants for over 30 years. Now, after three decades we are excited about the opportunities for growth in several new markets.

We are seeking to add a dynamic and enthusiastic sales agent to grow the Chaat Masala Brand. The Sales Agent will coordinate with our distributor network to ensure that retailers have the proper support and tools they need to sell the product successfully.

The ideal candidate will be self-motivated, energetic and able to work well with others. Chaat Masala offers excellent compensation including uncapped commission structure with all travel expenses paid by company.

Working with Chaat Masala is an exciting opportunity for individuals who have an entrepreneurial spirit and looking for an opportunity for significant income growth in a fast growing business venture. If you are interested in joining the Chaat Masala family please contact us at:

The Chaat Masala Brand is a truly unique and exciting opportunity to create the next big thing in food. Our product is loved by food lovers all over America and has been featured on Good Morning America, Fox News, ABC News and was rated by New York Magazine as one of the top 5 Indian products in NYC. We are a small business from Brooklyn with a huge heart looking for our first full time employee.

The position includes but is not limited to:

-Social Media management (Facebook/Twitter)

-Work with PR agencies to ensure maximum media exposure

-Research and Development for new product lines and flavors

-Assist with hiring and implementing new team members

-Assisting with general administrative work including filing, data entry, mailings, etc.

We have the potential to change the face of Indian Cuisine in America and we want you to join us!**

The Chaat Masala Brand is a new launch that is already gaining popularity in the local markets. The product is the brainchild of a family with over two decades of experience in the Food Industry and has been launched with the aim to revolutionize the Indian Food & Beverages Market. The focus on producing optimum quality products with international standards and adherence to hygiene and food safety management system has helped Chaat Masala brand become an acknowledged name in the Indian Food & Beverages market.

Taste, Variety, Quality, Reliability, Service and Value for money are some of the factors that make Chaat Masala Brand unique.

Chaat Masala Brand Ltd. A company with the vision to make everyone in the world an Indian. To make a difference, to change people’s lives for the better. With a product that is good for you and also a taste that is simply irresistible. Something that you cannot live without: like salt or sugar.  

We at Chaat Masala Brand Ltd. want to be the McCormick of the 21st century, with similar values and ethics, but not necessarily identical products. We prefer to take an existing recipe, whether it is from India, America or Europe and give it the Chaat Masala touch – the extra spice it deserves!

We do not follow the traditional business model of putting our money into marketing and then hoping that we will find customers. We interact with our customers online, through social media such as Facebook and Twitter – listening to what they have to say and responding accordingly. What they want, we deliver!

Chaat Masala brand already has a presence in over 24 countries including Middle East (UAE/Saudi Arabia/Oman), Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The company is headquartered in Dubai U.A.E., with manufacturing facilities in India (Kolkata), UAE (Dubai) and Nepal (K

Chaat Masala or Chaat masala is a blend of spices that is eaten with fried snacks like samosa, pakora, gol gappe and other savoury snacks. It is also used to flavour chaat dishes. Some people also add it to their dal and vegetable curries.

It is a ready-to-use mix of spices: different spices are ground in the mixer to a fine powder and then combined together in a big vessel that seals hermetically. This pack is transported to the market in sealed containers.

Narendra Kumar Jain and his friends founded the Chaat Masala brand in 1969. Mr. Narendra Kumar Jain and his friends started this business with a capital investment of Rs. 800/- and an investment of Rs. 6000/- borrowed from Mr. Narendra Kumar Jain’s father, Shri Kailash Narayan Jain.*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*

Chaat masala is a popular mix of spices used in India to flavor savory snacks. The company that produces it, however, is an even more interesting story.

First, its founder was a woman who started her own company at a time when women were not typically entrepreneurs. Second, the company has survived multiple generations of family leadership and is now run by a third generation of women. Third, the products are sold through unusual distribution channels that take advantage of the particular tastes and preferences of Indian customers.

Finally, the product itself is unusual. Once you get over the fact that it contains no meat or fish (things forbidden to Hindus) and no onion or garlic (things forbidden to Muslims), you have to wonder why anyone would bother with a mixture of coriander, chiles, cumin, salt and black pepper.

Third-generation leader Priyanka Agarwal explains that in India people eat many different kinds of snacks in a day, but generally only one main meal at night. That meal is called “thali.” And she says chaat masala makes up part of the variety on that thali plate.

As for how Chaat Masala became successful — not just surviving but thriving — Agarwal says one reason was that

I have been asked by a few friends and clients about the Chaat Masala story so I thought I would share it with you.

I was born in India and had my first taste of Chaat Masala when I was about 11 years old. My father worked for an Indian family that owned a spice company, and they had the original recipe from which all the other brands have copied. I remember going to their home and having all these different types of spices in bags around their dining table, and how my dad would spend hours cooking chaat masala with them. He would go over to their house multiple times a week. I will never forget the smell. It smelled like heaven to me.

It was always such a treat to eat at this family’s home because we were served some kind of chaat dish everyday! Chaat Masala is an integral part of Indian food culture and it is great to see that so many people love and enjoy it as much as we do!

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