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There are a lot of different kinds of garam masala meaning “hot spices” in the Indian cuisine. It can be an individual spice or a mixture of a few spices. Garam Masala is also known as “Dhana Jeeru” in some parts of India.

The main ingredients used to make this spice blend are cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom, and black pepper. Some recipes may include coriander seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds and star anise while others substitute one or two of these with mace. Typically the ground spices are fried in oil before being mixed with other ingredients to achieve a more complex flavor profile.

Garam Masala is a very important ingredient in Indian cooking and it is used liberally in most dishes. It is mainly used in lentils and vegetable dishes but it can also be used on chicken and fish.

Some people like to add garam masala powder to their chapati (Indian flatbread). Garam Masala is best stored in airtight containers away from heat and light so that the flavors remain fresh for longer periods of time.

Let me ask you this. Is the spice in your relationship more of love, more of lust, more of friendship, more of jealousy?

Do you have a problem in your relationship? Is there something missing in your life?

Is there a feeling of emptiness and loneliness despite being with someone every day?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then this article is for you.

How do you know if the spice in your relationship is more of lust than love? In order to answer this question, it is vital to understand what love is all about. The dictionary states that love is a strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties. Love can also mean deep emotional attachment. However, all these definitions come from the 21st century mind.

There are some people who think that love is just a feeling and nothing else. You should not be fooled by such shallow philosophies because they are wrong. Love is much more than just a feeling. It involves action too. Love means doing things for your beloved that will make him or her happy. Love also means doing some things for yourself because when you are happy, this happiness radiates onto others around you and makes them happy as well.

A couple of weeks back I wrote about the ABCD’s of a successful relationships. One of these elements is communication.

The reason why I am writing about this today is because of a question which was asked by one of my readers in my previous article. She asked me for the list of ingredients for a successful relationships.

So what are the ingredients that we need to make a successful relationship? And how do we get them? I will tell you exactly how to get them. The first ingredient is “Love”. But love can’t be defined in one word, it needs more adjectives to explain it better – unconditional love, enduring love, real love etc.

Till we don’t know what these words mean and how to give them to our partner, there will be no successful relationship. If you really want a happy relationship then you need to open your heart and give all the love that you have hidden inside it to your partner.

Another important ingredient for a happy relationship is trust. We all make mistakes but if we make mistakes trusting someone else then it becomes your biggest mistake. So never go into any kind of relationship without proper trust in your partner otherwise you will have a big mess on your hands.

The next ingredient for a successful relationship is respect for

There are several ingredients that go into making a relationship work.

The first of them is the trust, the feeling of being safe that the other person has for you. This is especially important for women, who usually look more for the security than men. It is important that you build up this trust and maintain it so your lady feels safe with you all the time.

The second ingredient is communication, you need to be able to communicate your feelings and needs effectively to your partner. There should be no doubts or hesitations in your mind when it comes to this matter. You need to make your partner feel like you care about him/her and your relationship.

Finally, the third thing that makes a relationship work is giving time and attention to each other. You need to give each other some time apart as well as spend some quality time together. This will make your bond stronger and also make sure that there are no misunderstandings between you two.

Eating out together is supposed to be fun, but it can also be a source of stress. If you are going to eat at a restaurant that you have never been to before, take a look at the menu ahead of time so you know what you are getting into. You will save yourself from the embarrassment of ordering something you cannot eat or asking the waiter a million questions.

Tipping is another thing that can cause problems in your relationship. Who should pay for the meal? Should the person who ordered most expensive dish pay more? There are no right or wrong answers here, only guidelines that work well in certain situations.

Spending money on dates can also cause problems in dating relationships. How much should one spend on a date? It all depends on your financial situation and relationship status. But there is always room for negotiation in a good relationship.

If you are trying to determine if your partner is cheating on you, do not jump to conclusions immediately. Look for warning signs like secretive behavior and changes in his or her personality and routines. Try to gain some clarity before accusing him or her of anything.

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These days, people live in nuclear families. They share their life with only one partner. But this was not the case in the past. People used to live with their extended families. This is why they had a lot of relatives to give them advice.

Ties and knots have always been the way to symbolize relationships between people. That is why you find so many knots and links in the myths and stories from around the world. For example, there are various ways of tying a knot to show the love between two people.

The following is a list of some important things that can make your relationship stronger:

*Being together.*

*Sharing good and bad times.*

*Listening carefully when your partner talks.*

*Giving each other space.*

*Giving compliments from time to time.*

*Seeking help from your family and friends.*

*Eating together.*

*Doing simple things together like going for a walk or watching a movie.*

That’s it! Your life will be happier if you share it with someone special.

How can anyone tell about a relationship? If it’s not true love, it will not last. If it is, then even if you break up now, there’s a good chance you’ll get back together in the future. If you’re with the wrong person, what you have now won’t improve and might get worse. But if you’re with the right person, then no matter what happens they’ll still be the right person.

Trying to predict the future is a waste of time. You can only make the best decision based on the information available now. And some information is better than other information.

In fact, there is one piece of information that is crucial: how much you like each other now.*

If your feelings are strong enough that breaking up would leave an empty place inside you, then even if things don’t work out in the long term, at least no harm has been done by trying. On the other hand, if you know your feelings aren’t that strong and breaking up would just be a minor disappointment, then maybe it’s best to just stay together and enjoy each other’s company for as long as it lasts.

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