The Legend of Togarashi: A blog with information about Togarashi in various cultures and food products.

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This is a blog about Togarashi, which is a food seasoning and condiment used in Japan. It is also known as Japanese seven spice or Japanese mixed spice. It was first used in China, the origin of the name coming from the Chinese word “Tougarashi”, meaning pepper. The word “Tougarashi” was exported to Japan and became “Togarashi” in Japanese. Togarashi is made up of seven different spices including cinnamon, Sichuan pepper and ginger.

The Togarashi that I sell on my website is made by myself in my kitchen in London. The only difference between my Togarashi and the original Japanese version is that mine contains no MSG (monosodium glutamate). I do not add any artificial sweeteners to it either. I know people are concerned about this nowadays and so I thought I would make my Togarashi MSG free so that people who are concerned about this can still enjoy my product.*

Togarashi is a popular spice in Japan. The word means “roasted” and the original Togarashi was made from hot peppers that had been roasted over an open flame. The Japanese never had to deal with peppers until they came across them in China. They were so impressed with their hotness that they called them ‘Togarashi.’

Togarashi has become a generic term for any ground pepper, but originally it referred specifically to the coarsely ground, red pepper mixed with other seasonings found in most Japanese kitchens today. This type of pepper is used on foods that need more flavor and bite than salt can provide….

History of Togarashi: Togarashi originated in China when people first tasted the chili pepper (a New World food) around the 6th century AD. At first, it was just another food item to be traded, like so many others. However, it quickly became popular because of its strong flavor. In fact, “togarashi” means “chili powder” in Chinese. Unfortunately, there’s some debate about whether or not it actually came from China or if its roots are in India…

Togarashi is a spice blend most often used in Japanese cuisine. It contains seven ingredients, or sometimes six, or five. The difference is due to the fact that there are two ways to count shichimi; either as 7 or 10 different ingredients, or even more generally as the concept of 7 (the number) and the concept of taste (the shi part).

The mixture contains chili peppers, Japanese sansho, black sesame seed, white sesame seed, hemp seed, orange peel and ginger. The exact proportions vary by brand and region but it is always 1:1:1:1 when counting each ingredient as both number and taste.

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The word togarashi means chile peppers in Japanese. The name is used for a spice mixture containing chiles and other spices. It is usually served as a condiment with grilled fish, chicken or vegetables, however it can be consumed on other dishes as well. There are various recipes for this blend of spices, which is usually sold in dried form, and may vary from shop to shop.

‘Togarashi’ is also used as a common adjective for anything that has the flavor of the spice mix. This can be anything from food to people to events.”

Togarashi is also known as shichimi and ichimi.It is a spice blend used in Japanese cuisine and is made from seven ingredients: chili pepper, orange peel, black sesame seed, white sesame seed, hemp seed, ginger root, and nori (seaweed).

The Japanese name “togarashi” literally means “chili pepper”. The word is a combination of two characters: tōgarashi (chili pepper) and dashī (the Sino-Japanese word for one type of dashimaki tamago). Togarashi can be found in most grocery stores in Japan. It is also available outside Japan in Asian markets. It is not as common in other parts of the world.

Togarashi is a spice mixture used in Japanese cuisine. It typically consists of ground red chili peppers, sansho pepper, dried orange peel, ginger, garlic, and Sichuan pepper. Togarashi is found in supermarkets and is also a common ingredient in Japanese curry. The flavor of togarashi can be described as a “spicy, fragrant blend of chili peppers, orange peel, sesame seeds and seaweed.”

Togarashi is used to flavor soups and stews (typically fish dishes), noodle dishes such as soba or udon soups, salads (like yamaimo) or vegetables, but it is also sprinkled on grilled meats or tofu. It is also commonly eaten with daikon radish and tofu to make fried tofu. The word “togarashi” comes from the mixture of two words: “tō”, which means “the other” or “variety”, and “karashi”, which means hot spice mixture. In the past, there was no exact definition of what spices were supposed to be included in the mixture; this has changed since WWII.

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