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The File Powder Factory is a blog targeted towards corporate, political, and entertainment businesses. We are a small business that was created in 2008 by a husband and wife team. Since then, we have worked hard to build our reputation as the best place online to order business cards and other print materials.

Product Description: We offer many different options of custom printed business cards and other products. Whatever you need to get the word out about your business, The File Powder Factory can help you get it done quickly and easily. We offer free proofs before printing so that you can be sure everything comes out just the way you want it before we print your order. Our design process is simple and easy. You can upload your own artwork or choose from one of our templates for quick checkout.

We take pride in our customer service here at The File Powder Factory. If you have any questions or concerns about placing an order, please contact us at (800) 853-2310 or email us at

The File Powder Factory is a blog targeted towards corporate, political, and entertainment businesses. We have close ties to the entertainment industry and are often tapped for our expertise. We are also tapped by corporate and political entities for our expertise in the area of media relations and crisis management

When The File Powder Factory was founded in 2010, there were few blogs which catered to the needs of corporations, political parties, or entertainment companies. We set out to fill that niche and have done so quite ably in the past four years.

We pride ourselves on our ability to resolve crises quickly by offering fast responses and expert analysis. We don’t allow our clients to be blindsided by an onslaught of allegations but instead offer a measured response aimed at minimizing any potential damage.

Our blog has been featured on numerous sites including Politico, Fox News, and The Christian Science Monitor.

We offer services to corporations looking to shape public opinion as well as political campaigns hoping to bolster their reputations with voters. We believe that no company or political candidate should go into a crisis alone; they need someone who can give them the tools they need to survive what is sure to be a challenging time.”

The File Powder Factory is a blog targeted towards corporate, political, and entertainment industries. We report on breaking news, expose corruption, and provide factual information to help businesses make informed decisions.

The File Powder Factory has been in operation since 2008. We are funded by a private investor. Our firm represents businesses, journalists, and individuals who have had their privacy violated or businesses who have been harassed/targeted/blackmailed/sued because of information found in a public record.

The File Powder Factory provides a service that is currently unavailable from any other resource. We are the only company who will provide you with copies of public records such as:

-Individual’s Criminal Records -Sex Offender Registry -Real Estate Records -Business Licenses -Income Tax Filings -Bankruptcy Information

We also provide executive protection for high profile businesses and individuals who feel like they may be vulnerable. The File Powder Factory understands the risks faced by people who are a part of the public eye. PR firms make promises to protect their clients but when push comes to shove they leave them out to dry. The File Powder Factory will not allow this to happen.

Our goal is to help keep our business professionals informed while also helping victims of harassment and blackmail by providing information that will

The File Powder Factory was a blog that I started to inform businesses on how they should handle their public relations and/or marketing. The blog was written in an informal tone, which I thought would be more inviting for the business community. Also, by keeping the blog informal, it would not feel like I was preaching at them.

The primary objective was to write a blog that would be of interest to the business community and provide valuable information that they could use. The secondary objective was to build a reputation as knowledgeable in corporate, political and entertainment businesses.

Where some people may see this as a conflict of interest, I see it as a way to become an authority in my niche. While writing this blog did not lead me to a career change (at least not yet), it is still providing me with valuable experience and skills such as writing, editing and managing a website.

The File Powder Factory is a blog aimed at several different sectors. For instance, corporations can use the blog to promote their brand and products. The blog will also be able to inform consumers of the latest news in their industry.

With the File Powder Factory, I would like to introduce an unconventional way for businesses to connect with consumers and grow a larger audience. Since I will be posting about breaking news, there will be a steady flow of readers coming to my site. There will also be an “about” page which will explain how businesses can gain access to advertising on my site.

**This blog is intended for a mature audience only and may contain content of an adult nature.**

Welcome to the File Powder blog! Located in the heart of downtown L.A., the File Powder Factory is a blog whose goal is to keep those in the know informed about what’s going on in politics, entertainment, and business. The world has never been more volatile than it is today, with corruption and scandal at every turn. You need someone on your side who will not only tell you what’s going on, but someone who can help you make sense of it.

You can count on us. We’re here for you.

We are a group of professional writers and editors, who work with all types of businesses. We are seeking new clients in the general areas of entertainment, business, politics and lifestyle.

Please send us an email if you have any questions or comments. We look forward to hearing from you!**

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