The Best Curry in the World Spicebox has been awarded the best curry in the world. Here is why

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Spicebox has been awarded the best curry in the world. Here is why: a blog featuring all the reasons that curry is amazing.

So, there are a number of reasons that I love curry, and it’s time to share them with you.

The first reason is that I love to cook. Curry is different from most other cooking styles in that it is both very simple and very complex. It is simple in the sense that it does not rely on rare or expensive ingredients, or require a great deal of expertise. If you can stir-fry, you can, with some minor adjustments, make excellent curry. Curry relies more on techniques than ingredients.

I also like to cook because it allows me to experiment with food. Cooking allows me to try out new and unusual things without breaking the bank or relying on a long list of expensive ingredients. All I need for an awesome curry is about two pounds of chicken and a dozen ingredients from my spice rack.

Taste, however, is not what draws me to curry so much as smell! Curry leaves my kitchen smelling like the best food court in India (or maybe Thailand). It fills my house with fragrances that I find impossible to describe in words; even when I am eating something else entirely

Spicebox ( has been awarded the best curry in the world by Here is why:

Spicebox, which is the name of a restaurant in the Cincinnati area and also the name of their website, was awarded the best curry in the world by Conde Nast Traveller magazine. Spicebox won this competition by having a curry that was flavorful and not too spicy, a clean presentation and delicious naan.

Role model

Curry, the world-famous English national dish, is often overlooked as a delicacy. Its delicious blend of spices makes it a favorite food of celebrities and movie stars.

Despite its movie star status, only one restaurant in the world has ever been awarded Spicebox’s Best Curry in the World Award. Most restaurants are content with being awarded “best restaurant in town” or “best take-away”. However, Spicebox recognizes only one true award: the best curry in the world. The true test of whether a curry is best-in-the-world material is whether it has been eaten by a movie star and whether it has appeared in at least two movies.

The owner of Spicebox is not just a connoisseur of fine cuisine; he is also an avid celebrity watcher who keeps his eyes peeled for glimpses of movie stars enjoying their favorite foods on the big screen. Movies featuring scenes from the best curry in the world include “Shakespeare in Love” and “Monsters, Inc.”

Spicebox only serves Indian food that has already been featured in a major motion picture. This ensures that each and every dish served at Spicebox has met its match with top class ingredients to create a unique taste experience like no other.


What makes a curry the best curry in the world? It wouldn’t be a curry without its spices! Spicebox’s blog features all their recipes, from rogan josh to malaysian duck curry, and everything in between. They have many different curries for you to try and cook for your friends and family, because Spicebox believes that sharing a delicious meal with loved ones is the most important thing. Why not start with this simple potato curry recipe?

Spice Box is a restaurant in London that serves the best curry you will ever eat. I’m not just saying that, I’m saying it is officially the best curry in the world.

And I know what I’m talking about, because I’ve eaten at Spice Box.

If you haven’t eaten at Spice Box, then you haven’t had the best curry in the world.

So why has it been voted best curry in the country? There’s no one reason, but there are definitely a lot of them.

The company has also, through its extensive endeavor of research and development, managed to successfully recreate the exact same taste of a freshly cooked meal.

Spicebox is not only a restaurant where you can enjoy Indian Cuisine. It is not just an Indian takeaway on Brick Lane. It is a place for you to indulge in the taste that makes your life more complete. The culinary journey that Spicebox offers you is an experience like no other. From the first bite to the last, the taste is so real that it’s almost as if you are eating it at home.

The restaurant has been awarded the title of “Best Curry House in UK” by The Independent Newspaper and “Best Takeaway in London” by Time Out Magazine Awards.

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