The 5 Best Mexican Dishes You Can’t Live Without

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The list below contains 5 traditional dishes you must try when in Mexico:

1. Guajillo Chili

2. Mole Poblano

3. Pozole

4. Menudo

5. Tlayudas

Each dish has its own characteristics and history, but they are all representative of the Mexican culture and cuisine, so it is worthwhile to try them at least once while visiting Mexico!

The best Mexican food is fresh and homemade. We have compiled a list of 5 traditional Mexican dishes that you must try when visiting Mexico.

1. Guajillo Chili

Guajillo chili is a red chili pepper that is used in traditional Mexican cuisine such as in salsas, sauces or chilaquiles. The Guajillo chili pepper can be consumed raw or cooked, but it is best known to be roasted and then ground into powder in order to be incorporated into sauces, marinades, soups and stews.

2. Tacos al pastor

Tacos al pastor are made with pork meat on a spit, much like the preparation of gyros or shawarma. The meat is stacked on top of one another and usually wrapped in cloth before being placed on the vertical spit that rotates slowly over a fire pit. Tacos al pastor originated from Taquerías in Mexico City and are now found all over the country.

3. Mole Poblano

Mole Poblano is a sauce based dish from Mexico City that consists of over 30 ingredients including dried chilies, nuts, spices and chocolate. It can also contain chicken or turkey and served with rice or corn tortillas, making it a staple dish at many

A lot of people really like Mexican food. Whether it’s the fiery spices, the fresh ingredients and combinations or just the awesome taste; there is no doubt that Mexico has some great dishes.

Taste is subjective, so what do I mean by “great”? To be on this list, a dish has to be unique to Mexican cuisine. These aren’t tacos and burritos; they are a selection of authentic traditional meals you don’t want to miss. (And if you are in Mexico, then why not try my 5 best Mexican drinks too!)

Here goes…

1) Chilaquiles – A classic breakfast dish in Mexico, chilaquiles consists of fried tortillas that are covered with a salsa made from red or green chili peppers. This dish can be served with eggs, chicken or beef and is often enjoyed with refried beans.

A great way to start the day!

2) Mole Poblano – Mole is a sauce that originates from Oaxaca in southern Mexico. It consists of several different types of chili peppers, including ancho and mulatto peppers as well as tomatoes, chocolate, garlic and onions. Traditionally used for meat dishes such as pork or chicken, mole is now used for all kinds

Mexico is a diverse country with so many different cultures in it. You can find almost any kind of food you want here, from traditional Mexican food to Mediterranean food or Asian food.

Today we want to show you the most traditional dishes you should try when in Mexico. Here they are:

1. Tlayuda: This is a dish made with Oaxaca’s famous black mole’ and is considered one of the best and most representative dishes of the region. It’s a large flat tortilla topped with beans, melted cheese, avocado slices and red salsa.

3. Mole Poblano: This delicious dish is a traditional Mexican sauce that usually contains cocoa, chili peppers, garlic and sesame seeds as its main ingredients. However, there are many different recipes for it based on each region’s tradition and history.

2. Gorditas: These small balls are filled with meat, chicken or seafood and then covered with lettuce and tomato sauce. They’re always served fresh and hot at the street stalls of Puebla city during the week before Easter and on Christmas Eve but if you visit this city at other times of the year you’ll surely find them too!

4. Pozole: Pozole is a traditional Mexican soup that usually contains pork meat

1. Guajillo Chili

Guajillo chili is one of the more well known dishes in Mexico and is famous for its sweet and spicy taste. It is made of red meat, chilies and tomatoes. There are many different varieties of this dish as it comes in a variety of colors and uses different types of meat. The guajillo chili is rich in flavor but not spicy like the traditional Mexican salsa.

Usually served with rice or beans, the guajillo chili can also be used to make a soup or even a stew. The best part about this dish is that it is easy to prepare at home and simple to make. You just need ground beef, chilies, tomatoes and garlic to get started on your meat sauce for the meal. To prepare it, you first need to chop up all the ingredients and then set them aside. In a separate pot like a Dutch oven you will then heat up oil or lard until it is hot enough.**

In Mexico, the guajillo chili is used in salsas and stews. It is a rust-colored chili that is mild in flavor but high in vitamin C and potassium. When dried, it is called cascabel.

The guajillo chili was grown by the Nahua Indians as early as 2500 BC. Today, it is one of the most important Mexican chilies and has spread throughout Mexico, Central America, South America and Spain.

It is a popular ingredient in Mexican cuisine and because of its unique flavor is sometimes substituted for other spices. But in many places like Veracruz, Oaxaca and Puebla, it has become a staple food item.

Tacos al pastor (shepherd-style tacos) use this spice to produce its signature taste. It also goes well with various dishes including tamales, barbacoa and burritos. The guajillo pepper can be found fresh or dried, is green when unripe and turns to red when ripe.

Mole is a Mexican sauce made from dried chili peppers, spices and chocolate. A typical mole sauce has at least 10 ingredients and is considered one of the most difficult sauces to make. The word “mole” itself comes from the Nahuatl word “molli”, meaning “sauce”.

The prominent flavor in most moles is bitter chocolate, but a variety of chilis are used. The most important ingredient is the chili peppers. Besides adding spiciness and heat, they contribute a fruity taste that enhances the sweetness of the other ingredients.

Chili peppers are used whole, dried and ground into powders, or as an extract to supply flavor without heat. Other common ingredients include nuts, seeds, spices such as cumin and coriander, sweeteners such as sugar or honey, vegetables including onion and garlic, fruits such as tomato or apple, herbs such as oregano, orange peel and vinegar for acidity.

Mole is served with chicken, eggs (especially eggs with rice), fish or meat dishes; it can be used as a sauce for tamales or soups like pozole (a stew made from corn). It might seem impossible to make at home but with this recipe you will see how easy

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