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Star anise – सुरन काली – is a spice used in making different kinds of curries. Star anise is also one of the ingredients used in preparing different kinds of sweets. The star-shaped fruit is actually a seed pod, with the fleshy part surrounding it. This part looks like a small star and that is how it got its name.

Let us see different ways of using this wonderful spice to make our daily meals more delicious and nutritious.

सुरन काली हायटेरॉल यांना म्हणजे क्रिस्चिये, ना सुरन का. पाणी, ते शै, ते हा.

Sour Anise seeds have a sweet taste, unlike Star anise. They are can be used for making soup, in tea or even water.

अर्थात सुरन काली है, जो पानी में तेल-गुड-नारियल का  6:10 घाटा  5:50 सूख का  4:20  3:30  2:40 2:30 1:20 1:10 1:0 1:0 4.5% 3.4% 3.3% oil+turmeric+salt+star anise powder * You can use any oil, I used olive oil for this recipe and it turned out fine. * You can add garlic or onion if you want but I prefer without in this soup * You can also add any other vegetables of your choice to this soup. I usually add carrots and cauliflower as well to make it more filling . * If you want to store this soup for a later time, keep the water and the vegetables separately and then add them later when you are ready to eat it. This

Star anise is a spice obtained from the plant Illicium verum. Star anise has a 6-pointed star shape. In Hindi, it is called Suren Kaali. It is sweet in taste and has a clove like aroma.

Star Anise are usually available in whole form and is used in Indian sweets such as laddoo, pedha and chikki.

सुरन काली का पानी पानी से मिश्रित रहता है। यह उच्च प्राणी, उच्च गुण, काला, सा, मेथी, गुलाब,  ‘n   ‘n   ‘n   ‘n   ‘n   ‘n   ‘n   ‘n   ‘n   ‘n   ‘n    ‘n   ‘n   ‘n   ‘n    ‘n(toothache),’gnat,’gnaw,’gnome,’gnomon,’goad,’goat,’goad,’goshawk,’grasshopper’,grate(grater),grater,’greave,’gree(greengrocer),greengrocer’,’green

सुरन काली हिन्दी

Star anise is an eight-pointed star-shaped spice which is a member of the magnolia family. Star anise fruit is harvested just before ripening when it is brown in color and has a strong licorice flavor. The fruit can be used as a spice in cooking, as well as an herbal remedy. The seed has small, black, shiny seeds within that are used whole or ground in cooking and medicine.

Star anise contains essential oils, flavonoids and other compounds including anethole, estragole and safrole. Anethole gives star anise its characteristic flavor and fragrance. It is present in the oils from the fruits and from the leaves, stems and roots of star anise.

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