Smoked Paprika from Spain: smoked paprika from Spain to add a tasty kick to your dishes.

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Smoked Paprika from Spain: smoked paprika from Spain to add a tasty kick to your dishes. The smoky flavor of smoked paprika is a wonderful way to add another layer of flavor to any dish you might be preparing. We offer the finest Smoked Spanish Paprika in the world, produced by the Zapata company in Spain. Smoked Spanish Paprika is made directly from sun-dried peppers and fennel, which are smoked over aromatic woods such as oak, alder and beech. This process gives the paprika a unique and delicious taste that will enhance any dish you might prepare. Here’s how you can use this amazing product in your kitchen:

Get creative with eggs: You can find countless recipes for deviled eggs that call for this delicious spice. Just sprinkle some smoked paprika on top of hardboiled eggs and you’ll have one delectable snack.

Smoked Paprika goes well with all kinds of fish, especially salmon, grouper, trout and mackerel. You can also sprinkle it on salmon or tuna steaks before grilling them for an extra layer of flavor.

Add this spice to soups and stews: Since smoked paprika is strong, you don’t need much to get the desired

Smoked Paprika from Spain has a unique flavour, with sweet and spicy notes which give a rich taste to dishes. The peppers are dried over woodchips and smoke, giving it the wonderful taste of smoked paprika.

Smoked Paprika is an integral ingredient in Spanish cuisine and can be found in traditional dishes such as paella or chorizo sausages. It is also used to add a French twist to your cooking by sprinkling some onto crêpes, scrambled eggs or even pasta dishes.

Add a little smoky flavour to your food today and enjoy the subtle taste of smoked paprika from Spain!

Paprika is a mild chili powder sprinkled on meat, vegetables and many other dishes. Spanish smoked paprika is some of the most popular in the world.

Smoked paprika from Spain is made by drying sweet red peppers to make pimento then smoking the pimento using oak wood and other spices. Smoked paprika from Spain lends food a wonderful aromatic flavor with a hint of smokiness and a bit of heat. It is an essential ingredient in Spanish cuisine.

Taste: Smoked paprika from Spain has both a sweet and spicy taste. It has a rich, red color and it is often used as garnish for meat, but also for adding color to stews, braises, soups, casseroles and sauces.

Smoked Spanish paprika can be bought whole or ground into a powder. It is sold in small jars as well as larger cans depending on how you intend to use it. Ground smoked paprika is more convenient to use than whole smoked paprika because you can add it directly to your dish without having to grind it yourself.

Uses: If you are interested in making your own smoked paprika from Spain at home, you can do so by drying sweet red peppers over an open flame or in

Smoked paprika is a spice perfect for adding a tasty kick to your dishes. It is made from peppers that are dried, smoked and then blended with a variety of other flavorful ingredients. The intense flavor of smoked paprika makes it perfect for adding flavor to meats, poultry and seafood dishes.

Smoked paprika can also be used to add a smoky flavor to all kinds of recipes, as well as being added to sauces or even sprinkled on top of cooked potatoes or rice.**

Santaka smoked paprika is a red pepper powder made from the fleshy inside of the pepper, harvested when fully mature and dried over a fire of oak or beech. It has an intense, smoky flavour with a hint of sweetness. Traditionally used to spice up stews, especially seafood dishes and paellas, it is also ideal as a garnish for salads, as well as in sauces, marinades and dressings.

In addition to adding its own distinctive taste to food, it can also enhance other flavours. It can be used in place of black pepper in most recipes.

Santaka smoked paprika is 100% natural with no additives. This product is gluten free, kosher certified and produced under the supervision of CERES

Smoked Paprika is made of chili peppers that have been dried and smoked. It is a popular spice in many Spanish dishes and can be found in any Spanish kitchen.

Pimento de la Vera, also known as La Vera paprika, is grown in the region of La Vera in Spain and is considered to be some of the best Smoked Paprika available. The peppers are sun-dried for two weeks before being hung in traditional smoking houses called “parrilleros” where they are then slowly smoked over oak logs for up to three months.

Truly authentic Smoked Paprika has a characteristic smoky aroma and deep red color with an earthy undertone. It has a slightly spicy flavor that is earthy with a hint of sweetness. Smoked Paprika is an essential ingredient in many Spanish dishes such as Paella, sauces, stews and chorizo sausage.

*Smoked Paprika can vary greatly in quality because there are no specific standards for growing or smoking the peppers.*

Paprika is the fruit of the plant species Capsicum annuum, and it is native to central and south America. The word paprika comes from a Hungarian word meaning pepper. There are many different varieties of paprika; some are very hot, some are not spicy at all. Paprika is used in many different cuisines, especially Spanish, Portuguese and Hungarian. It is also popular in Greece, Serbia, Croatia and in Germany.

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