Our Story: A blog about how our product was first created.

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We create a product and provide it to you at a cost that is affordable. We are in the business of supplying quality spices for your family. Our products are created from the very finest ingredients available.

Spices have always been used to enhance foods. Our company has perfected five spice products to help you create tasty dishes for your family. Chinese Five Spice was first created by our founder, in his home kitchen, many years ago. He worked out the balance of flavors so that you will be able to add this spice easily to whatever dish you are creating for your family or friends. It gives incredible flavor for a fraction of the cost of other spices on the market today. Our founder wanted our customers to be able to buy high quality spices without having to pay high prices at their local grocery store.

We know that when you try our product, you too will be convinced it is truly the best Chinese 5 Spice on the market today! The easy way to add delicious flavor with less salt, sugar and fat than most other brands – yet we deliver more taste! We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do fulfilling orders every day!**

“Several years ago, I was in a small Chinese restaurant in Seattle. I ordered the traditional ‘House Special Chicken with 5 Spices’. It was delicious and afterwards I asked for the recipe. The waiter said that it was a secret recipe and he did not know what the spices were. So out of curiosity and love for superb Chinese cuisine I went to work trying to create this flavor myself.”

“I finally created what seemed to be the right blend of spices. However, after using this blend for awhile we really did not like it on its own. It seemed too strong. We tried using less of the blend and found that we still liked the product but felt something was missing.”

“We added more garlic and star anise (also very common in Chinese cooking) as well as some other spices and herbs. That is how our current blend came about.”

“That’s our story — how our first bottle of 5 Spice Seasoning came to be.”

When we first came up with the idea for 5 Spice, we knew it was going to be a big hit. But even we couldn’t have guessed that it would become an international phenomenon.

Our unique blend of five different spices comes from a combination of Chinese and Indian flavors, which makes 5 Spice both delicious and versatile. You can use it on everything from stir-fry to soup to marinades. Our motto is “The Spice of Life,” because there’s nothing better than a tasty meal to make you feel alive.

Taste the difference with 5 Spice!

Our story begins in China. Although it is now known as Chinese Five Spice, this five-spice blend is derived from a blend of five spices brought to China over 1000 years ago by Arab traders. The spice mixture was used as a flavoring and medicinal herb, particularly in the northern regions of China.

A spice merchant/physician named Li Shih-chen (1518-1593) lived near the southern city of Canton. He was highly respected for his knowledge of medicine, herbalism and natural remedies. His expertise and approach to wellness were unique for the time period; he advocated moderation and balance in diet, exercise and other aspects of daily life. He is revered today as one of the fathers of traditional Chinese medicine.

“Li’s famous book, Pen Ts’ao Kang Mu (The Great Herbal), first published in 1578 AD, describes 5 major kinds of flavors or tastes: sweet, sour, bitter, pungent and salty. He formulated the original five spice mixture by combining equal amounts of cinnamon bark, cloves, fennel seeds, star anise and Sichuan pepper.”

It has been used as a reliable seasoning for hundreds of years in several Asian countries including India, Nepal and Indonesia. Indian curry has evolved

In our first blog entry, we will talk about the creation of the 5 spice blend and the problems we encountered in getting it to market.

We will discuss our product development process, how we make the blend, and why we think that our blend is so much better than what is on the market.

We will also include some spicy recipes that use 5 spice as an ingredient.

Hopefully this will answer some questions readers may have about our products.

When I had first moved to China in 2010, I was introduced to the famous 5 Spice. At first I didn’t give it much thought until my little taste of it on a visit to Beijing. I said to myself, “This stuff is great!” Then I started noticing it in restaurants and other people’s homes. It became an obsession but there was a problem. It was time consuming to make and you had to buy all the ingredients separately. This is why we created our very own 5 Spice Seasoning Mix. Not only does it save you time, but you can enjoy this delicious blend of tastes from morning till night!

Taste the difference for yourself and order today!**

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The five-spice powder is a blend of Chinese spices. It is a traditional ingredient in Chinese cooking and is used to flavor dishes such as barbecued or roasted meats and poultry, soups, stews, rice, noodles and vegetables.

T he black pepper was added many centuries ago in the Song Dynasty (960–1279) to help preserve meat. The practice of adding pepper spread to other kinds of food as well.

In contemporary China, the most common spice mixture has been called “five-spice” since at least the 14th century. It is also called “five-flavor spice”. The British name for this mixture comes from its having originally consisted of five spices, rather than four or six.

The composition of commercial five-spice mixtures can vary widely.[1] Common ingredients include cinnamon (cassia), star anise, cloves, fennel seeds and Sichuan pepper.[2] Different brands of five-spice will have their own unique blend of spices which may or may not have alcohol as an ingredient.[3]

In Asian countries where Buddhism has been prevalent, it is common to see vegetarian versions of the five-spice powder that exclude garlic and onion as ingredients. Buddhist monks created

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