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“Our Story” is a blog about the many interesting ways that carbon dioxide (CO2) affects our planet. We are a group of people who work on understanding the Earth’s climate, but we do not speak for any particular organization or government. All of our posts are written by volunteers, and are based on solid scientific research.

We try to have a sense of humor about all the people who claim CO2 is harmful to life on earth. The truth is that CO2 is necessary for life as we know it, and that the biosphere has been happily increasing CO2 at a rate much faster than mankind could ever do by burning fossil fuels. But this isn’t just a blog about climate change. We also write posts about other interesting ways CO2 affects our planet, including:

* How carbon dioxide dissolves in water and why this matters for ocean acidification

* How rising CO2 levels affect plant growth in arid environments

* How rising CO2 levels have been linked to increased earthquake activity

* How oceans absorb most of the excess heat that causes global warming

* Why increased CO2 causes plants to grow more quickly

* Why increased CO2 can help fight global hunger by increasing food production

We hope you enjoy reading “Our Story.” Feel

Our story is about how carbon dioxide affects our planet. We’ll be writing about the latest climate science, how the world’s governments are responding, and what this means for us as a species.

We’ll also highlight the interesting people and ideas that fall under the broad umbrella of climate change. In short, we’re a blog about everything to do with climate science and policy, from the people to the politics to the science to the impacts.

Tone is a little dry but very professional and informative

We are a small group of carbon cycle scientists and environmental scientists who have joined forces to spread the word about how CO2 affects our planet.

Our goal is to better understand the role that carbon dioxide plays in the Earth’s carbon cycle, and communicate it to a lay audience.

We do this through our blog, which we update daily.

CO2 is a greenhouse gas and its impact on the planet is of global importance. But it can be hard to grasp how the everyday things we do, like driving our cars or brewing beer, can affect the Earth’s climate.

Trying to explain this to your friends and family in everyday language can be difficult, especially when they are more concerned about how many models you have in your collection.

That’s why we created CO2 World: a blog where you’ll find clear answers to questions about climate change and what it could mean for our future.

This is a story about our planet and its atmosphere.

We are already seeing the impacts of climate change, we are feeling the heat of global warming but there is something you can do about it. CO2 levels in the atmosphere, which have been building up due to burning fossil fuels, are contributing directly to climate change.

Trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and so if we plant more trees and protect those that we have, they can help to reduce global warming.

If we reach

By posting on this blog, we hope to engage in a constructive dialog about the science of climate change and the steps we can take as individuals and as a community to counter these effects.

We are not experts, but we have been following the issue for many years. We have also contributed to a number of online discussions, including at dailykos.com , where our comments have been deleted for being contrary to the political ideology of that site (rather than for violating any rules).

We are not affiliated with any particular group or organization. Our only agenda is getting the best information out there on this issue and helping others understand it more clearly.

And in case you were wondering: yes, we do believe human activity is increasing CO2 levels and that this will cause global warming and other changes in our environment. But if you think we’re part of some vast right wing conspiracy or oil company shills, you haven’t been paying attention (or reading this blog).

This blog is dedicated to the global warming debate. In it we provide a neutral, non-biased record of the facts and opinion surrounding the issue.

We are not a political, environmental or national organisation and therefore not accountable to any particular agenda. We are amateurs in the field who have done our own research into the topic and have decided that global warming is real and we aim to show you why.

This site is a place where we can all get together and discuss this incredibly important issue with other people from around the world, who may have opposing views – as long as they are expressed in a non-offensive manner. Please do not post anything that may be considered offensive or inflammatory – this applies to both sides of the debate so keep your comments clean!

You will find posts containing links to other sites which deal with global warming related topics. They may contain links to news articles, scientific papers or blogs (including ours) – again, these are provided for information only and do not necessarily represent our views – please use your own judgement when reading them.

The purpose of this blog is an attempt to try and raise awareness of global warming issues amongst those people who don’t work in science or engineering so that they can make up their own minds based on all the

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