How to Play carom Seeds? This Is How It’s Done: A blog about rules and strategies involved in playing carom seeds.

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Carom seeds are always enjoyable to play and especially if you have a small stake of money on it. The rules of the game are very simple and many people can learn playing them very easily. If a person is playing this game in the right manner, then he/she can be assured that he will never lose. The aim of this article is to help these players have an edge in carom seeds.

Carom Seeds is an adventurous game that requires immense concentration and focus from its players. The game is played with a set of 15 seeds, which are thrown on a board having three holes.

The goal of the game is to score more points than your opponent without letting any of the seeds fall through the holes in the board.

Rules to play Carom seeds:

1.Firstly, each player gets seven seeds each and places them in the three holes provided at the start of the game.

2.A player can shoot a seed by hitting it with another one or by pressing it against one’s palm. It’s important to note that only one seed should be hit at a time, otherwise it will go on to hit other seeds thus losing them.

3.The first player to lose all his/ her seeds loses the game. The winner gets 1 point and goes on to play against another player or team.*101*

Carom seeds is a well-known game in which are played with the help of carom seeds. In this game, a set of seeds is used. The board which is mandatory to play this game is made up of three layers. The playing process starts by placing the seeds on the topmost layer of the board and then it is moved down to the second layer by hitting it with the help of a stick into small holes, which are present on the board. Once it has reached the second layer, it again goes back to the first layer and then again comes to the second and so on.

The aim of this game is to eliminate all other seeds from the board and make them fall down to bottom hole. In order to achieve success in this game, you need proper speed and accuracy in striking. The player who eliminates all his/her competitors wins the game. Carom seed games are played for making fun as well as for winning prizes. But remember that, winning in carom seed games does not require much experience, but you need some skills for playing it properly.**

Carom seeds is a game of four players. This game is played using the carom seeds board and the carom seeds rack.

The rack has 24 pockets, 16 on each side of the board. The carom seeds board is placed on a table with 2 players at each end. One player puts his/her carom seeds in one pocket while the other player puts his/her carom seeds in another pocket. Following are the rules:

Players should place 8 carom seeds in each pocket at one end of the rack, 4 carom seeds in each pocket at the other end and two in each pocket in between. They should then take turns to empty the pockets containing their own seeds into their plate and those containing their opponents’ into theirs

Carom seed pockets must be emptied before they can be refilled by players. It is not allowed to refill a pocket with more than 4 caroms unless it has been emptied before refilling it.

In case a player shoots all his/her caroms out of play, he has to wait until his/her turn comes again or until someone else does it first, then he gets an opportunity to shoot his/her remaining caroms.

A player who runs out of caroms is considered “

Carom seeds is a game popular in the Asian countries. It is played on a table with one pocket and three to nine pockets, and six seeds are used per game. The ball is sucked by mouth and shot by hand.

This game can be played either by a single player or by two players at a time, sitting on opposite sides of the board. The carom seeds game can be played under different rules, depending on the country or the place where it is being played.

The Carom Seeds Game Board: The board that you may find in almost all the places where this game is being played is made up of four posts that are linked together in the middle, forming a rectangle, which has a hole in the center. This hole is known as the pocket, which takes in the ball when it falls down from the top of the board.

There are two sides to each of these posts, and each side has two pockets. On one side of the posts, there are two smaller holes near to each other, whereas on the other side of these posts, there is only one big hole. These pockets will be used for putting some of the seeds for each match that will be played. There are also four long sticks that are called cues placed at equal

Carom seeds is a game of skill and strategy, played on a board. The game is also known as carambole or carambola. There are different styles of play and the rules may vary in different parts of the world.

The most popular style of play is as follows:

The seeds are scattered on a specially designed table with holes cut into it, instead of lines. The number of seeds varies from table to table; usually it ranges between 20 and 40. Each player gets four seeds to begin with.

Instead of shooting towards a pocket, you shoot directly at your opponent’s seed. If your seed goes into a hole, you get the other player’s seed and continue playing till all the seeds are gone. If your seed goes over the line but stays on the table, you lose one of your own. If your seed bounces off the table without going into a hole, it is considered out of play and doesn’t count towards anything.

In this version, when you play against a computer opponent, there are three levels: beginner, intermediate and expert. The beginner level has one computer opponent, intermediate has two and expert has three opponents at once!

It is played on a rectangular table with two pockets placed at each end. The length and width of the table are usually 2 to 3 meters (6.5 to 9.8 ft) for the longer ones and 1.5 to 2 meters (4.9 to 6.5 ft) for the shorter ones, respectively. The table is divided into 25 equal rectangles for placement of the seeds, which are about 8 mm (3⁄16 in) in diameter and have a 7 mm (0.28 in) center hole that allows them to be strung together.

Tossing or striking the seeds with the hand is not permitted. The game pieces are carrom men, which are flat-bottomed discs made of wood, ivory, or plastic that slide easily on the surface of the board.

Carrom games are played either by two players or four players each playing on their respective sides of the table with a total of 12 carrom men per side and using 4 seeds as markers during play; each team will make a total of two hits before they get cleared off the court by their opponent’s hits.[1] In case of a tie, an additional round is played until one player achieves an advantage over his opponent.[2]

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