How To Make Up Like A Skeleton: A blog about different Halloween costumes and makeup ideas.

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I am a big fan of Halloween and like to go to parties as many different interesting characters. Here you will find ideas of what costumes and makeup looks like, how to make up like a skeleton, and lots of other cool stuff related to Halloween. I also have some easy recipes for great tasting food and drinks which are perfect for parties too. I hope you enjoy my blog!

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Hi there!

I’m a 20 year old, and I’ve been into makeup and costumes since I was 13. I love making up like a skeleton and doing scary halloween makeup on myself. Here’s my blog where I post the different results.

Tons of fun!

~Zombie Princess

*Edit: I came in first place at the costume contest at my university so this blog is going to be pretty popular now. *hides*

On October 31st, or Halloween day, many people will wear costumes. They will paint their faces to look like skeletons and wear special costumes that make them look like monsters.

Here are some tips for making up your face to look like a skeleton:

1) Use white face paint as the first layer of your skeleton makeup. This will create an even base color for the other colors of paint you use later.

2) Put on a layer of green face paint. The shade of green will depend on the colors you wear under it. Use a darker shade of green if you wear black clothes, or a lighter shade if you wear a lighter color.

3) Put on a layer of red or dark pink face paint to give your skeleton costume more definition and realism. Make sure the colors aren’t too bright, or they will look unrealistic and fake.

4) Put on some black eye shadow to add some contrast to your makeup. This will help make your eyes look sunken in, like most skeletons are drawn in cartoons and movies. You can also draw some lines across your forehead to make your eyes look farther apart – this will make them stand out more and appear even more sunken in.

5) Use fake blood on the insides of your

Top Halloween costume makeup ideas from around the world.

Halloween is here and we are ready with some of the best Halloween costume makeup ideas from around the web.

Here is a list of 50 of the very best Halloween costumes for 2014. If you are looking for the top Halloween costume makeup ideas, you came to the right place. If you have a great halloween costume idea, let us know.

Also, check out our YouTube channel for some amazing Halloween Makeup tutorials on how to apply makeup like a professional make up artist this Halloween.

Now, let’s begin with the top 50 Halloween costumes and make up ideas of 2014.

1. The Skeleton This classic Halloween costume is always a hit at any party with its black and white color palette and simple design… Read more at

There are many ways to create a look of a skeleton. These are some of the simple ways that you can use to make your own great look.

First off, you will need a white face paint or hand lotion. Using white foundation will give you the best look, but it’s not necessary to have the most professional look. Next, paint your entire head white with the face paint or hand lotion. To get the best effect, use a brush and paint on top of each other in thin layers and let them dry as you go.

After painting your entire head white, begin adding details with black and red (or any color) eye shadows, lipsticks, etc. You can also use fake blood for a more realistic effect (the kind used for horror movies). To create small cuts and gashes around your face, take liquid eyeliner and paint tiny lines in zig-zag patterns across your face. You can also use red lipstick along with liquid eyeliner if you want cuts to be bloody as well as noticeable.

Using a dark eyeliner pencil and small brush, draw dark circles around your eyes for the sunken-in look that skulls have. Add dots inside the eyes with either black or red lipstick depending on how gory you want

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Tricks of light can make your eyes look bigger or your cheeks more defined. But there isn’t an easy way to change the shape of your face. Would you rather have a round face or a long face? Do you think square jaws are attractive?

None of us know the answer, because we’ve never seen ourselves in one way or another. This is why Halloween is so great for people who want to change their appearance.

Dermablend Professional Cover Creme is a thick makeup used for covering tattoos and scars, but it will work just as well on your face without having to spend money on expensive makeup from a theatrical supply store.

If you want a smoother, shapelier face, this makeup will help you get there!

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