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I still remember the first time I tried chai masala. I was living in a tiny flat in New Delhi, India, and had just started taking my coffee black. I was wandering around the neighborhood with a friend when we stumbled upon a tiny hole-in-the-wall place called “Kali Chai,” which means “Black Tea.” They served only one item: chai masala, but it was so good that it didn’t matter. Rich, creamy and full of flavor, no other cup of chai I’ve ever had has compared to the first time I tried chai masala.

Trying to make chai masala at home can be very frustrating. There are many recipes out there, but none of them match the freshness and high quality of the chai they serve at Kali Chai. So, I decided to try to create my own recipe. Through trial and error (and quite a few batches later), I’ve come up with what I believe is the best way to make chai masala:

Everyone has their own recipe for making chai masala. This is mine:

– 1 tablespoon of tea leaves

– 3 cups water

– 3/4 cup milk (full fat, whole, 2% etc)

– 1 teaspoon sugar or honey

– 1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder

– 1 whole clove (for extra flavor)

– a pinch of ground ginger (optional)

– a pinch of ground cinnamon (optional)

Use any tea that you prefer. I prefer Assam or Ceylon teas. Place the tea leaves and water into a saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat to medium and let it simmer for about 4 minutes, then strain into a cup and discard the tea leaves. Add the milk, sugar or honey, cardamom powder, cloves and cinnamon if you are using them, and mix well. Serve hot.”

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Chai masala is a very popular drink in India. It is enjoyed by all age groups from kids to old adults. It gives the feeling of warmth and happiness inside us. Chai means tea and masala means mixture or spices. Chai masala is a blend of different spices which are added to a cup of black tea. But not all chai masalas are made equal! Some are really really good but some are just awful!

So today I’m sharing with you how to make the perfect cup of chai which is absolutely awesome!

The Chai Masala is a mix of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and black tea. It is also known as Chai. The Chai Masala is considered to be the national drink of India and Nepal.

The word “chai” means tea in Hindi and many other Asian languages. “Masala” refers to a mixture of spices.

The chai masala can be served hot or cold depending on your taste and preference. The traditional way of making chai is to boil it on a stovetop, but nowadays you can prepare it in a microwave or with an electric drip coffee maker.

Chai masala also known as masala chai is a traditional spiced beverage originating in the Indian subcontinent that combines spices, black tea and milk. While the ingredients vary from place to place, it is most commonly prepared with a mix of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and black pepper.The spices are steeped in hot water to make a strong tea and then milk and sugar are added. Sweet varieties may be served with honey instead of sugar.

Tonic water may also be added for flavor.

The drink is very popular in South Asia and Central Asia (particularly India) and also in some parts of East Asia including Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia (Kampuchea), Laos and Thailand. The drink is also popular in Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland. In the U.S., chai tea bags are available in most grocery stores but the taste can vary depending on how the tea is prepared.

Tonic is an alcoholic beverage made from quinine that was developed by British troops fighting malaria-carrying mosquitoes in colonial India. Chai masala may be made with tonic water or lemonade instead of plain water. Tonic adds a slight bitter lemon taste to the

Chai masala is a flavored black tea drink used in India and Pakistan. It is made from black tea, milk, spices and sugar. Chai is commonly served at the end of meals with desserts, biscuits or chocolates.

Chai is usually served warm but it may be served hot or iced. The word chai comes from Hindi चाय (pronounced “chai”) which translates to English as “tea”. The word masala comes from Hindi मसाला (pronounced “masala”) which means a mix of spices.

Chai masala is found in most Indian restaurants around the world. It is also starting to become popular in the U.S., Canada and England as a bottled drink.

There are, of course, as many ways to make chai as there are Indians. But one thing is certain – there’s more to it than just boiling the tea leaves! Here are some tips that’ll help you get it right…



1. Use loose tea leaves, preferably CTC tea. You can try a mix of black tea and green tea (or even oolong). Add a little cardamom powder if you fancy it.

2. Don’t use pre-packed tea bags (or teabags, in British English). These contain steeped tea leaves that have already been infused with hot water and sugar – so you’re not getting the full benefit of the aromatic spices in your chai.

3. If you really want to use teabags, then follow the instructions on the box for the best results. The amount of water and other ingredients might be different from what we suggest below!

4. Avoid using instant or powdered tea – these are processed with chemicals that can affect the flavor of your chai!


1. Freshly roasted and ground spices offer much richer flavor than dried ones. So buy whole seeds and grind them yourself just before making chai. You can

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