How to make cinnamon sugar

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Making cinnamon sugar is very simple. First of all you get some cinnamon and grind it into a powder. Then you mix it with sugar.

Then you bake the sugar at 250 degrees Celsius for ten minutes, and then cool it down in an airtight container.

Cinnamon sugar is one of the easiest, most versatile homemade sweeteners. You can sprinkle it on just about anything from hot cereals to ice cream.

The recipe follows, but first a few tips:

1) About half the volume of sugar will be replaced with cinnamon powder, so make sure you use a jar with a large surface area to hold all the sugar while you work. A pint glass works well, as does a canning jar.

2) You can use any kind of cinnamon – Chinese or Ceylon or Cassia, even the cheap stuff in a shaker at your supermarket. It’s also possible to mix different kinds together if you like.

3) Use only white granulated sugar; brown or powdered sugars would taste terrible.

4) Because cinnamon is ground so fine, it will clump up in little balls if you try to measure it by volume. Instead, lightly spoon some into an old spice jar and level off the top with a knife or chopstick before measuring it.”,0]

I’m going to have to start by telling you a secret. Ready? Good. You can make cinnamon sugar at home in seconds, for a tiny fraction of the cost of buying it ready-made. The only equipment you need is one of those coffee grinders people use to grind coffee beans. If you don’t have one, I’ll wait while you go out and buy one.

It’s this simple: take about a tablespoon each of ground cinnamon and sugar, mix them together, and then grind them into a powder. Voila! Cinnamon sugar that’s fresh and flavorful. And delicious on everything from apples to zucchini bread.

I told you it was easy!

Cinnamon is the bark of a tropical tree. It is closely related to the cassia tree, which is native to China, and many people can’t tell the two apart. Cassia gets used in Chinese cooking as well. But cinnamon is not a Chinese product. It was developed by people living in Ceylon, now called Sri Lanka, where it has been cultivated for thousands of years.

Cinnamon was so important that when the Dutch East India Company began controlling the world’s supply in the seventeenth century, they minted coins made of it.

Cinnamon sugar is one of those things you might think you could make at home, but it’s not easy. The best way to get the flavor is to seal fresh cinnamon sticks in a jar of sugar for a few weeks or months. But most of us don’t have time for that. The next best way is to mix ground cinnamon with sugar and let them sit together overnight and then grind them together in a blender or food processor.*

You can buy little bottles of cinnamon sugar at fancy food stores, but why bother? Their main ingredient is usually some kind of corn syrup or other kind of sugar, which means you’re not getting any real cinnamon flavor anyway.*

Most recipes that call for “cinnamon

Cinnamon sugar is made of equal parts cinnamon and sugar. You can experiment with other ratios, but if you use less cinnamon, it’s just cinnamon.

You can make your own cinnamon sugar by mixing the two together in a food processor or other such device. But it’s easier to buy pre-made cinnamon sugar at a store and then mix your own to taste.

Cinnamon sugar is a simple mixture of ground cinnamon and sugar, often sprinkled on toast or fruit. It tastes better than either of its components alone.

Cinnamon is a spice that makes its way into sweet treats like cookies, cakes, and apple pies. In fact, before the 17th century, cinnamon was used primarily to flavor desserts. It wasn’t until the advent of cheap sugar in the late 1800s that cinnamon became a staple in savory dishes like rice and meats.

To make cinnamon sugar, simply combine equal parts ground cinnamon and granulated white sugar. You can also mix it with more exotic sugars like turbinado or brown sugar for added flavor. Then store your cinnamon sugar in a covered jar for up to 6 months.

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