How To Make an e-Kitchen Using an Elaichi Platform: a blog about creating an online kitchen with voice assistance using elaichi platform.

You are currently viewing How To Make an e-Kitchen Using an Elaichi Platform: a blog about creating an online kitchen with voice assistance using elaichi platform.

There are many benefits to creating an e-Kitchen using an Elaichi Platform. One of the major benefits of creating an online kitchen is that one can buy groceries online and there would be no need to go to market or grocery shop.

The process to create an e-Kitchen with an Elaichi is pretty simple. All you need to do is to choose the recipes, provide ingredients and order your food. There are many other features that Elaich has added in its platform which makes it one of the best platforms in India.

There are many benefits of using a voice assistant like Google Home, Amazon Echo or any other voice assistants in your kitchen like smart fridge, smart oven and much more. Tasks which were earlier done manually can now be done automatically by these devices and help you save time.

Tasks like ordering groceries, adding new recipes will be done by simply saying the command ‘hey Google’ or ‘Alexa’. You don’t need to search for your phone or open any application on your phone. You just need to speak out the command and everything will be done for you.’

Elaichi is the first voice assistance platform which lets the users build and integrate with their e-kitchen. We have come up with a unique solution to create an online kitchen, by using voice assistance and artificial intelligence (AI). Cooking is not only an art but also a science. People are very much aware of that.

Taste is subjective and differs from person to person. You might love the way your mom makes food, but your wife might not like it. The same thing applies for restaurants; you might like the food served at one place and your friend might dislike it. To make this problem simpler, Elaichi has developed an Artificial Intelligence system which learns from both your preferences and those of your friends/family members’ preferences. It is also necessary to consider the way people react to food in different weather conditions. For example, if you are feeling hot and heavy food like pizza will give you more energy than a salad because it contains more calories than salad does so in that case Pizza would be more preferable for that type of weather condition than a salad. The AI system will take these factors into consideration while suggesting you what to eat based on your or your friends/family members’ preferences.*”

How you can convert your kitchen into a smart kitchen using elaichi platform with video recipes.

How to set up your elaichi platform and get started with elaichi platform?

How to create a voice assistant with elaichi platform?

How to create a voice application on elaichi platform?

How to access data from other applications on elaichi platform?

Elachi is a platform that lets anyone build voice assistant applications without any coding knowledge. It provides a fast, scalable and easy to use service to build voice applications.

Tired of managing your recipes on the go? With elaichi, you don’t just get one app for all your needs! Step into the world of voice assistants and enjoy the experience of building voice apps with elaichi.

Elaichi understands your wish and fulfills it in real time without any hassle!

Elachi is a new age voice assistance platform for creating intelligent voice enabled applications. Using advanced natural language understanding and machine learning capabilities, we can build intelligent assistants and create the next generation of intelligent applications. All you need to do is to train your AI with the knowledge base that is required for your application, and you are good to go.


Step 1: Create an account on, and create your first app.

Step 2: Create a driver script in python, so that it can connect to elaichi platform through API.

Step 3: Add the code of elaichi platform in your python code.

Step 4: Run the driver script on your machine and enter the commands given in the prompt to train your AI.

Step 5 : Once you are done with training your AI , you can deploy it on server or web site using python flask or any other web framework/server of your choice.

Step 6 : Now ask the assistant any question like what time is it? , what time will it rain tomorrow? , name of this fruit , how tall is this building? Through google home device or any other similar device using Voice Command . Etc . The assistant will respond you accordingly .

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In order to make something more useful, you must make it more understandable. That’s true whether you’re talking about a speech interface, an online kitchen using that interface, or a robot that makes toast and opens doors.

To make something understandable, you must reduce its complexity. You can reduce complexity by eliminating unnecessary parts of the design, or making each part simple and understandable in itself. Sometimes you must do both at the same time: sometimes a part is complicated because it can do many things; if you want it to do fewer things, it will need to be simpler.

I call these two strategies ELIMINATION and SIMPLIFICATION. You’ll see them both in this book.

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