Home Made Biryani Just Gotta Be The Best: A blog around different varieties of biryani and how they made it easier to cook at home.

You are currently viewing Home Made Biryani Just Gotta Be The Best: A blog around different varieties of biryani and how they made it easier to cook at home.

Biryani is one of the most loved and delicious dish in India. It is a rice based dish with meat and vegetables cooked together with spices to give it a different taste and flavor. The dish is popular all over India, but the recipes vary from state to state.

In Hyderabad, the traditional biryani was made using Basmati rice, but now we can easily find basmati rice in stores. Home made biryani just gotta be the best, as you can use your own choice of spices, meat and vegetables. Biryani masala recipe is also given below for you that will help you make it at home!

Here are few varieties of biryani:

I remember my first attempt of cooking Biryani, it was not at all the dish I had imagined. The meat was dry and hard, the rice was uncooked, with a very runny gravy. As I poured hot water over it to make up for the loss of moisture caused by cooking, the whole thing turned into a mushy mess!

That is when I started thinking about how to make biryani masala powder at home. It was not easy to find good quality spices in Mumbai (the other option was to use store bought biryani masala powder) so I started grinding my own spice mix. And I must say it made a world of difference in flavor and aroma.

I have been using this mix ever since and every time I cook biryani, it seems like an entirely new dish!

Here is the recipe for my home made biryani masala powder. Feel free to modify it as per your palate and what you have readily available in your pantry.*

Biryani is a rice based dish and called as the national food of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Biryani is made from aromatic spices, herbs, and vegetables. Though the name “Biryani” comes from Persian language and the dish has been influenced by Mughal style cooking.

Tandoori chicken biryani, Mutton or chicken biryani with raita or korma (curry) is a restaurant-style meal which has become very popular in India. This dish is a must try for all the non-veg lovers as it is really very tasty and delicious.

The word “Biryani” comes from Persian language and the dish has been greatly influenced by Mughal style cooking.

It is clear that biryanis are a favorite among most of us. It’s considered a special food which needs more than one day to cook because there are many steps involved in making it. But if you have time on your hands then why not try making some at home?

The Biryani Masala powder that was developed by us brings out the real taste of this wonderful dish and makes your job easier as you can prepare it easily at home. Try out our Biryani Masala Powder

Biryani is one of the most popular Indian dishes. It has a rich history and many different variations. It is considered as a festive dish in most of the Indian households and restaurants. The varieties of Biryani are so many that it’s hard to keep track of them all. One would be spoilt for choice while picking a biryani recipe. Biryani is a very versatile dish and can be made with different types of meat or vegetables and even without any meat at all. With so many varieties, the flavour of the Biryani varies according to what meats or spices are used in it.

In India, a biryani is a popular Indian dish. The name of the dish is derived from the Persian word “birinjan” which means “fried before cooking”. It is prepared by combining cooked rice with other ingredients and baking it in a pot or frying pan. It is part of Awadhi cuisine and popular throughout South Asia and amongst the Muslim communities worldwide including countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

Tandoori chicken biryani, Hyderabadi dum biryani and sindhi biryani are popular examples of biryani in India. In Pakistan it has been given top priority status since its inception due to its significance in West Punjab.

The Indian subcontinent’s early history was one of constant warfare between the Hindu and Muslim dynasties ruling at the time. Each side would often attempt to convert their prisoners to their own religion thus giving rise to a need for food that was acceptable to both groups. Biryani developed as a result: it was a dish that could be eaten by Hindus as well as Muslims, using ingredients such as rice and spices that were accepted by both religions. This helped foster religious harmony between the two groups while simultaneously increasing their mutual understanding.*

It is generally believed that the word ‘Biryani’ was originated from a Persian word which means ‘fried before cooking’. But the truth is that there are three different theories about the origin of this word. The most widely accepted one is that Biryani has been derived from the Arabic word “Biryah”, which means “fried before cooking”.

The second theory is that it was derived from a Turkish word “Birian” which means “roasted before cooking”, and the third one is that it was derived from a Sanskrit word “Viraiyan” which means “boiled before cooking”.

History have it that Biryani initially came to India with Mughals. It was cooked with lamb or beef first, and then later chicken became popular choice for making Biryani. Later various other spices were also added to make it more delicious. The recipe of Biryani varies according to states of India, with slight variations in ingredients and spices used.

Biryani can be prepared in two ways – the Dum style and the Pot style. In Dum style, food is cooked in closed pots by applying heat on both sides (including lid), while in Pot style, food is cooked in open pots with no lid. In Hyderabadi style

The best part about spices is that they are the one thing that can be used in various recipes. But you should also know about how to store them and what to look for when buying them.

Spices are among the most important things in cooking because they can alter the taste of any dish. So, if you are looking to cook something different, then spices will come in handy because they make cooking much more interesting and exciting. These days, we have a lot of spice mixes available at our home stores which makes cooking easier for us.

What I like best about spices is that it comes in different varieties and flavors as well as colors. Spices not only add flavor but they also have medicinal values too. If you want to try some new recipes with your friends then go ahead and buy some spices, chances are that you might get hooked on them very soon.

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