Hattie’s Creole Seasoning: A blog about a creole seasoning brand and the rich flavors it brings to the table.

You are currently viewing Hattie’s Creole Seasoning: A blog about a creole seasoning brand and the rich flavors it brings to the table.

Hattie’s Creole Seasoning is a blog about the rich flavor of New Orleans. The recipes, writing and photography are all done by me, Hattie Bullock. I am a native of New Orleans with an interest in history and food. I have a degree from Louisiana State University in Food and Nutrition. I am also an author specializing in cookbooks on ethnic cuisine, including Creole and Cajun recipes. I have written for several magazines and newspapers including the “New Orleans Times Picayune.”

Hattie’s Creole Seasoning is a product line that has been growing in popularity since it was first introduced several years ago. This blog will soon be used to promote new products, recipes, contests and promotions related to the Hattie’s Creole line of seasonings and mixes.

Hattie’s Creole Seasoning is a true Louisiana spice that puts an exciting new twist on the flavor you know and love. Unlike other creole seasonings out there, ours has no fillers or preservatives…it’s just pure and simple ingredients like salt, pepper, garlic, onion and other spices that are mixed together to create a delicious kick that can’t be beat.

Trying to find a creole seasoning mix online can be a little confusing and frustrating, so we decided to take matters into our own hands and develop our own quality seasoning mix that we can share with everyone. We were tired of getting homemade recipes for creole seasoning from our friends and family, tired of being told that we just had to try this or that secret recipe from their mother or grandmother, tired of being disappointed by lackluster creole seasonings in the grocery store.

Hattie’s Creole Seasoning is a brand of seasoning available at http://hhatties.com/french-creole-seasoning.html and can be purchased online. The company is named after Hattie Koons, who created the recipe in her own kitchen with fresh ingredients in the tradition of her favorite cuisine, Cajun.

This blog will be updated with news from the company, interesting recipes and product information.**

Hattie?s Creole Seasoning is a unique blend of herbs, spices and peppers that has been made in New Orleans for more than fifty years. The recipe was developed by Hattie’s founder, Hattie Cuccia, and passed down to her daughter and granddaughter.

Tasting Hattie?s Creole Seasoning, you can see why the flavor is so deeply rooted in New Orleans culture. It is made with a long list of all natural ingredients including garlic, onion, celery seed, parsley, dill weed and bell peppers.

Taste it yourself at http://www.hattiescreoleseasoning.com/ .

Hattie’s Creole Seasoning is a Louisiana seasoning brand created by professional chef, Hattie Caraway. Hattie’s Creole Seasoning comes in two flavors: Original and Spicy. Both are made with a combination of 18 herbs and spices.

Hattie’s Creole Seasoning is sold online from HattieCaraway.com and in retail stores throughout the world. The seasonings are popular for their versatility and ability to enhance the flavor of many foods including meats, seafood, poultry, soups, stews, vegetables, spaghetti sauce and beans.*

Because so many people love Hattie’s Creole Seasoning, it has become one of Hattie’s passions to share her knowledge of cooking with others who have similar interests. She runs a blog on the website where she shares recipes using the seasoning as well as other tips that will benefit her readers. You can find her blog at http://www.hattiescreoleseasoning.blogspot.com .”

The Hattie’s Creole Seasoning is a unique blend of spices and flavorings that enhances the flavor of any dish. It is a wonderful addition to chicken, pork, beef, vegetables or seafood. It can also be added to soups, stews and other dishes for added flavor. This seasoning comes from a family recipe and offers the delicious taste of New Orleans cuisine.

Taste the difference of Hattie’s Creole Seasoning when you cook your next meal!

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