Fun Ways To Use Rubs? Here Are 6 Surefire Ideas

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There are many ways to use BBQ rub to make your food taste great. 

6 Surefire Ideas:

1. Rub it on meat before you cook it.

2. Rub it on meat while you are cooking it.

3. Add it as a dry rub to marinades and brines.

4. Add it to your favorite homemade salad dressing recipe for a little kick.

5. Use salt-free seasonings in place of salt in recipes and you will eliminate the extra sodium and still have great flavor!

6. Sprinkle some on popcorn and add some butter for a great snack!

Of course, you can’t just take any old rub (or seasoning) and throw it on your meat. You have to know what kind of meat you’re cooking and what kind of sauce or dry rub is going to complement it the best.

There are lots of different kinds of dry rubs, each one with its own specific purpose. For example, if you’re using a dry rub for ribs, you’ll want to use something that is a bit sweeter than if you’re using it on your pork chops.

The first thing you should do is decide exactly what kind of meat you’re going to be eating. The second thing you should do is decide if you want to add in any additional ingredients like sugar or apple juice. Then finally, choose a dry rub that matches the kind of meat and seasonings that will make the most delicious meal possible.

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So, what exactly should I put the rub on? Anything you want. You can use it for meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables.

Pork Chops: Rub them or sprinkle it on before you cook them or after you cook them. Put it in your marinade as a base for tenderizing some of the tougher cuts of meat.

Tenderloin: Sprinkle some on top for a great flavor and to add color.

Smoked Meat: Use this before you smoke the meat to add a little extra flavor, but after you smoke the meat because it will get to salty if used while smoking.

BBQ Sauce: Start with a base of BBQ rub and then add your favorite ingredients like ketchup, mustard, molasses, vinegar, onion powder and any other spices. Then stir well and place back into your sauce pan. Heat gently until everything is combined together and simmer for 15 minutes with occasional stirring to avoid burning.

6 Ways To Use BBQ Rubs!

Rubs are a great way to add flavor to any type of meat. Rubs can be sweet, spicy, smoky or a combination of them all. They can change the flavor and texture of meat. 

Using rubs is a great way to experiment with different flavors and textures. Another cool thing about using rubs is you can use them on different meats like beef, pork, poultry and seafood.

Here are some ideas for using BBQ rub:

1) Add the rub directly to your food before grilling, smoking or roasting it.

2) Coat your food lightly with oil and then sprinkle the rub over it before cooking. This will help the food from sticking to the grill or smoker rack.

3) You can also use rub as a finishing salt for grilled or smoked meat. Sprinkle it over the cooked meat after taking it off the grill.

4) Rubs make excellent seasonings for baked beans or mashed potatoes. Just add generous amounts of your favorite spice or herb based rub to them when you are making them. This will give your family a new tasty side dish that is sure to please!

5) Rubs are also good for marinating meat before cooking it on the grill or in a smoker. Use a dry

I’m not a big fan of rubs. But that’s just me. I have tasted some really good rubs in my time, but for the most part I prefer to season my meats with seasoning salts and spices.

For those of you who do enjoy the taste of rubs, it can be fun to experiment with new flavors and think up ways to throw your own spin on things. There are tons of recipes out there for rubs–you can find serious rub recipes for all kinds of foods including everything from ribs to chicken to pork chops!

So if you’re a fan of rubs, or would like to try them out, here are 6 surefire ways to use them:

BBQ rubs are used to add flavor to foods. They can be ground or chunked, or even liquid. It is important to know that there is a wide selection of BBQ rubs available in the market and any kind of food can be rubbed with it.

The food industry is now discovering that the use of rubs is not only limited to meat but also other dishes such as vegetables, seafood and even desserts can be enhanced by using it.

A lot of people think that rubs only belong on meat but this is so wrong. You can use it for all kinds of food as mentioned above and you will be surprised at how different your meals will taste.

Taste buds are always evolving, so expect more creativity in the future when it comes to the use of BBQ rubs. Simply put, get creative and try new things!

We are all familiar with the way a nice, thick barbecue sauce can bring out the best in grilled chicken or ribs. But how many of you are using rubs on your meat?

Most people who use rubs use them intermittently and haphazardly. If you really want to take your barbecue up a notch and make your meat taste even better, I would suggest using BBQ rub as your primary marinade for at least one of your meats.

I will admit that rubs are not for everyone. Some people just don’t like their food to taste too spicy. And some people don’t like the extra work that rubbing in a dry rub requires. However, if you have tried rubs before but have never been sure if they were worth the effort, this article is intended to encourage you to give dry rubs another shot!

Below are some ideas to get you started:

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