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“7 Spice” is a food product based on seven different spices. It was created by Gaurav Agarwal, an Indian origin American entrepreneur, who got the idea from his father who used to sell locally in India. It is sold through his company called 7 Spices, Inc in Houston, Texas.

The original 7 Spice product was created by Gaurav’s father in India. He started by selling the spices to local stores, but soon had the idea of packaging the spices in small bottles which can be sold to the public at more affordable prices.

Even though 7 Spice is new to us Americans, it has been around for twenty years and has a cult following among Indians living abroad. According to Gaurav Agarwal, as of 2009 there are over 30 million bottles of 7 Spice sold worldwide; and this number is growing every day. The most popular version of 7 Spice is the “Texas Mix” which includes red chili pepper, cayenne pepper, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, coriander and mustard seed powder. There are many other versions available including “London Mix”, “Mumbai Mix”, “Indian Curry” etc.

7 Spice products are now being sold at Whole Foods Market locations throughout Texas and Southern California.

7 Spice is a product with a mission: to carry the authentic taste of middle eastern food that is commonly known as “7 spice” to the masses. 7 Spice is a blend of seven different herbs and spices that are commonly used in middle eastern cooking. The combination of these ingredients gives the food an aromatic quality which makes it distinctive from other types of cuisine.

The name of the spice blend comes from the idea that you need seven different herbs and spices to achieve an authentic middle eastern taste. While it is true that Middle Eastern cooking uses more than seven spices, this mixture contains the most used ingredients. The exact composition of the blend may change depending on which country’s cuisine you are trying to recreate, but there are always at least seven different spices in it.

Taste buds can be satisfied with 7 Spice in many ways, from sprinkling it on your food, to cooking with it, or adding it to a sauce or soup.

We all have different tastes, but everyone wants to try something new and exciting. We are constantly looking for new ways to spice up our meals, we want more flavor and more excitement. That is why I have put together a list of seven different spice blends that you can use in any one of your favorite dishes, to give it more flavor and excitement.

The first spice blend on my list is 7 Spice by Spice Islands®. This blend has a very bold taste that can be added to all kinds of dishes! It is made from seven different herbs: basil, marjoram, summer savory, sweet marjoram, black pepper, bay leaves and fennel. These spices can be used in a wide variety of meals including pasta dishes, chicken dishes and even soups! You can also use this blend on top of meats before grilling or roasting them for a delicious BBQ!

The second spice blend is called Garlic Medley by Spice Islands®. This is a great blend for all garlic lovers out there! It has a unique combination of garlic and other spices such as paprika and parsley. This blend can be used on its own or added to many other dishes. There are many options with this spice blend such as using it

7 Spice is a spice blend originally from India. It was founded by the Mohameds in 1988 and has since grown to be an international brand. The company has since expanded to include products for African-American, Italian, Mexican and Caribbean dishes. 7 Spices products are available in more than 3,000 supermarkets, 1,000 club stores and over 250 specialty stores. They have also expanded into the restaurant business with their own line of restaurants in Jamaica, Georgia and New York.

Taj Mahal Curry Powder is a main product in the line of 7 Spice. The Taj Mahal Curry Powder is made from twenty different herbs and spices that give it its unique flavor. This curry powder can be used on chicken, fish or vegetables. These spices and herbs combine to create a curry that has an original taste of their own. Taj Mahal Curry Powder is known for its quality ingredients and great taste.


There are many different kinds of spices in the world, and they all come from different places. There are the common spices that most people are aware of such as basil, oregano and rosemary. Then there is a spice that is used in Asia called Sichuan pepper that is actually not a peppercorn, but rather an ingredient that gives food a hot and numbing sensation on your tongue. The 7 spice listed below are the top 7 most unusual spices in the world.

“7 Spices” or “7 Spice” because the original name is in Chinese and there are seven ingredients, is a popular seasoning mixture in Asia. It is often used in Chinese and Thai cooking such as making a topping for steamed fish, roasted or deep-fried chicken or duck, stir-fried noodles, fried rice, or even to flavor the oil before frying soy bean products.

According to the legend, seven monks were traveling together in ancient China. They were going through a forest on a cold winter day and they came across a small village. The villagers were suffering from famine so these travelers decided to help them. They asked for food but nobody was willing to give them any except for a lady who gave them eggs and some salt.

Tasting the food made by the lady, one of the monks thought it could be more delicious with some spices so he put some pepper on it. After that other monks followed his example and added their own favorite spices to the dish until all of them had something on their bowl of food. The village people called this mixture “7 spices” because originally there were seven monks who used their own favourite spices for their meal.

The recipe varies depending on different people’s tastes and also regions’ availability of seasonings. Some

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