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Chinese 5 spice powder is a wonderful blend of flavors. It is also known as five-flavor powder, Chinese five-spice, or five flavor powder. Whatever the name, it is a classic blend of Sichuan pepper, cinnamon, cloves, fennel seed and star anise.

Taste buds react in different ways to the different spices in Chinese 5 spice powder. Cinnamon, fennel seed and star anise taste sweet when they first hit the tongue but then a warm, peppery aftertaste follows. Cloves and Sichuan pepper are pungent–they create strong spicy flavors on your taste buds.

Not only do you get sweet, spicy and pungent tastes from Chinese 5 spice powder but also you get aromas from it as well. The aroma of Chinese 5 spice powder comes from the essential oils of cloves and fennel as well as from the other ingredients.

Chinese 5 spice powder is a good choice for adding delicate flavor to vegetarian dishes because it doesn’t contain any animal products. You can also use it with meats if you want to give them a non-traditional flavor without adding any additional fat or calories.

Here are some recipes that use chinese 5 spice powder:

Egg Drop Soup

What is chinese five spice powder?

Chinese five spice powder is a blend of ground spices used in Chinese cuisine. It is not related to the spice mixture known as “cinnamon” or “five-spice powder” that includes cinnamon, cloves, star anise, fennel seeds, and Sichuan pepper. Chinese five spice powder is usually translated into English as “five-spice powder”, although there are six traditional spices in the blend. It typically contains star anise, fennel seeds, cloves, cinnamon bark or stick, and Sichuan pepper.

The color of the finished powder can range from a pale yellow to a dark brown depending on the types of ingredients used and the ratio of each used. The flavor can also vary widely depending on the types of ingredients and their ratio. Some versions are hotter than others. Generally speaking (but with many variations) it has a sweet taste with strong notes of star anise, although some blends use other types of sweeteners as well.

Chinese 5 spice powder is a Chinese herb blend. It is used in Chinese cuisine. The Chinese name for 5 spice is wu hsing powder which translates to “Five flavor powder”.

The five flavors are: salty, spicy, sour, pungent, and sweet. This blend differs from other Chinese herb blends by having an extra “flavor” of fragrant aroma.

Taste and uses

The blend has a warm and fuzzy aroma and it is used to add flavor and aroma to meat, poultry, fish dishes, vegetables as well as noodles. This blend can also be sprinkled on rice or added to boiling water when cooking rice or noodles for a nice fragrance and taste. The blend is often used in stir-fry dishes to add aroma and flavor to the dish.

As the name suggests this herb blend has five distinct flavors making it versatile in the kitchen.This makes it a popular ingredient in Asian cuisine especially Chinese cuisine. The use of spices was introduced into China during the Tang dynasty (618-907) but until then people had no knowledge of spicing food at all. As time passed on more spices were introduced including this one in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

The Chinese 5 spice powder or the five-spice powder is a blend of five or more spices used in Chinese cuisine. These spices include star anise, cloves, cassia bark, fennel seeds and cinnamon.

The name of the spice comes from its five ingredients. It is used in marinades for poultry and pork, in red-braised dishes and some soups. The mix may vary according to the region or personal taste.

The five spices may be combined into a single mixture, although it is more usual for each spice to be sold separately as well. The five ingredients are often ground together in equal proportions to make a powder but are sometimes kept whole and added at different stages during cooking.

A popular dish made with this spice mix is known as Five Spice Chicken.

There’s a misconception among some people that you can’t find great Asian food in America. It’s not true, but there are a few things that make it easier to find good Asian food in Asia than in the United States.

In Japan, for example, you can tell how good a restaurant is by how many brown paper bags of take-out are going out the door. In China, if the restaurant is busy enough for customers to have to wait for a table, it’s probably pretty good. And at any restaurant where there are more than 10 customers, the menu is bound to have pictures.

When you go out looking for Chinese five spice powder in America, though, you’ll be lucky if they know what it is and can tell you what it tastes like. Sometimes they’ll even try to sell you a box of ground up star anise or cinnamon bark (try grinding your own cinnamon sometime). But what you want is Sichuan pepper and star anise and maybe just a pinch of cinnamon thrown in along with some fennel seeds and cloves.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to cook Chinese food; once you’ve got your five spice powder, all you need are some instructions on how to use it. The simplest thing

With cinnamon, cloves, fennel, star anise and Sichuan pepper forming the five traditional spices of Ancient China, five-spice powder is more than just a flavouring. It has also been used as a medicine since ancient times.

Touted for its ability to drive away evil spirits and cleanse the body of toxins, this combination of flavours is believed by some to improve circulation and release energy throughout the body.


Used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat toothache or digestive problems, cloves are also said to help with the digestion of greasy food. Cinnamon: A warming spice that stimulates blood flow and prevents blood clots. Fennel: Traditionally used in Chinese medicine to relieve swelling or bloating. It is also thought to reduce mucus or phlegm production during a cough or cold and promote urination, improve digestion and relieve stomach pain caused by overeating. Sichuan pepper: An aromatic spice that provides a numbing sensation when consumed. It is used as a remedy against pain from sore throats, colds and flu. Star anise: Used in tea as a cure for stomach aches, diarrhea, vomiting and nausea.

The five spice powder is a blend that consists of five spices. These five spices include ground cinnamon, fennel seeds, star aniseed, Sichuan pepper and cloves.

The Chinese have been using the five spice powder for more than two millennia. It is commonly used in Chinese cuisine to flavor a wide variety of meat and vegetable dishes. The name “five spice powder” is somewhat confusing because there are actually 10 spices that are used to make this spice blend. However, the other 5 spices include ginger, bay leaves, grains of paradise and peppercorns.

Taste is subjective so it is hard to say if a certain dish tastes better with or without the five spice powder but what I can tell you is that this seasoning provides a delightful flavor to whatever dish you decide to add it too.

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