All about spices, which are available on this earth and what each one does!

You are currently viewing All about spices, which are available on this earth and what each one does!

Spices are a wonderfully diverse group of aromatic botanical substances that provide flavor, taste, and color to food. They originate from all over the world and have been used in cooking for centuries. In this blog post I want to talk about why spices are so important around the globe, different spices found in different regions across the world, and what kinds of dishes they are typically paired with!

All about spices, which are available on this earth and what each one does!

Why Spices are Important:

Spices have been in use for centuries and were originally used to cover up the gamier flavors of meat. Nowadays they add flavor, taste, texture, color, warmth or coolness to food. They also provide a sense of comfort that is often lost with industrial foods because it reminds us of home cooking!

Different Types of Spices:

A spice is any aromatic botanical substance (or combination) added to another as seasoning except for herbs which are nonaromatic plant parts while spices may be derived from either plants or other organic materials such as animal byproducts like honeybee pollen but not both at the same time. There are many different types of spices around the world and each region has its own signature spice.

* Europe:

-Garlic and onion is a staple in European cooking, as well as black pepper, thyme, sage, coriander seeds/cilantro leaf (which are also common around the world), bay leaves (used frequently in French dishes) and peppercorns which are used to make bouquet garnis.

-Cinnamon from Sri Lanka is much more expensive than cassia cinnamon imported from Indonesia due to lower yields but it tastes better so they use less of it at a time for their spicy curries like red rice with chicken curry or beef rendang!

-Mustard seed can be found on every table across India because mustard oil is an important ingredient in Indian cooking.

-Turmeric is used extensively to give dishes a yellow color and impart flavor; it also helps preserve food!

* Middle East:

One of the most common spices you’ll find in this region are cumin, coriander seed/cilantro leaf (also found around the world), cardamom pods, cinnamon stick, clove buds, black pepper grains or whole peppercorns which can be ground with salt when needed for rubs on meat before roasting. Citrus fruit like lemon juice and orange zest often goes into marinades as well.

* North America:

Black pepper is one of the more popular spice ingredients in American cooking alongside parsley flakes that go great on scrambled eggs or in a salad.

* South America:

Chili peppers and cumin are two of the most popular spices used in dishes from this region, whether they’re being eaten with beans/rice or chicken!

* Africa:

Black pepper is often paired with garlic as well which goes great on lamb braised to perfection for example! The east coast also enjoys using paprika (which can be sweet or spicy) and cardamom pods while curry powder is very common around India due to its use in curries such as red rice with chicken curry if you’ve had it before!

Different Types of Dishes They Go Well With Spices In:

Some cuisines heavily rely on certain spices that give their food an identity. The French for example often use bay leaves in their dishes and a bouquet garni is typically made with thyme, parsley stalks/leaves, peppercorns, celery stalk if you have it on hand!

-Indian Curries:

All about spices, which are available on this earth and what each one does!

Cumin seeds are one of the most important spices in Indian cooking that impart a great deal of flavor. Curry powder is very common as well due to its heavy use in curries like red rice with chicken curry. Turmeric also gives color to this type of dish and helps preserve food while garam masala can be used too but sparingly because it’s expensive! Black pepper is frequently paired alongside garlic which goes great when eaten with lamb braised to perfection or beef rendang! Ginger is also a common ingredient in Indian cooking that’s used for its flavor and anti-inflammatory properties.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post on the basics of spices and how they are used in different regions around the world. If you’re looking for a great spice to try, we recommend cumin! It’s a wonderful addition to any dish that needs some extra flavor. What is your favorite kind of spice? Share with us in the comments below or email us. We would love to hear from you!

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