A Delicious 4-day Culinary Tour of Dubai

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I am part of a group of bloggers selected to tour Dubai by the Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing department. I am here on a 4-day culinary tour with three other bloggers. Yesterday we visited Spice Souk, Gold Souk and Crafts Souk, today we visit the Heritage Village and Jumeirah Mosque, tomorrow we will visit the Old Town and Jumeirah Beach and Thursday we will visit the museums – Dubai Museum, Emirates National Museum and the Miracle Garden.

Tours are good opportunities to get the “real” Dubai experience while visiting places you might not ordinarily go to. I have been to most of these places before but it is always nice to see them again.

Today we visited two different souks in Old Deira area: The Gold Souk and The Crafts Souk. Both were interesting in their own way.

The Gold Souk was probably more interesting for tourists because it has more touristy stuff like gold coins, jewelry items (earrings, necklaces), hand-made gold items (e.g., bangles), etc.

The Crafts Souk had a lot of handmade things like gold items (e.g., bangles), customized jewelry items (e.g., earrings), bags,

I am trying to become a foodie. This is not easy for someone whose idea of a fine meal is to have it delivered via DHL.

Nevertheless, I have a blog about Dubai, and in the recent past I have tried to get my readers more interested in Dubai’s cuisine. So when the opportunity came up to join an organized dining tour of Dubai, I jumped at it.

The tour was offered by The Food Trip , and it was led by chef Joseph Faura . Chef Faura is an experienced cook who has previously led similar tours in Barcelona and Madrid.

Chef Faura’s “Spice Box Tour” takes place over 4 days and costs about 800 dollars for two people. Each day consists of 4 courses (plus wine), starting with a drink at sunset and ending with a cocktail at a bar. Each meal is designed around a theme, though that theme may change from day to day depending on the ingredients available. At the end of each meal there is usually some sort of small dessert, like fruit or sorbet or ice cream, but Chef Faura did not make us feel bad if we were too full for this part of the meal.

The meals themselves were excellent, but more importantly they gave us insight into Dubai’s diverse culinary

A couple of years ago, I posted about a culinary tour of Dubai that I had done with my sister, who was visiting from the US. I enjoyed the tour so much that I wanted to do something similar for travelers visiting Dubai who were interested in food.

The tour is not a foodie-only experience. You will be learning about the culture and history of the Emirates and seeing all the sights while you are there. The main focus, though, is on the food!

I love to cook, but am probably not what most would consider a good chef. However, over the past 30 years I have cooked countless meals for family and friends and have learned a lot about cooking in the process. Food is one of my passions.

There are two more tours that we are offering:


Dubai is a great place for foodies and there are an abundance of culinary tours that can help you explore the place. After all, this city is one of the most interesting and exciting metropolises in the world, so it’s only natural that tourists who come here want to sample as much of its delicious cuisine as they can.

Granted, food is a very subjective topic; some people prefer sashimi to chocolate and vice versa. However, the list below will be of great help for anyone who wants to have a food tour in Dubai. If you are planning a trip to Dubai or if you are already there, here are some things that you should try during your visit.

It’s funny how certain food combinations and dishes just go so well together, and a good example is the combination of fennel seeds and cumin. This combination is found in many cuisines all over the world, but it is most notably a part of Indian cuisine.

But there are many dishes that can be prepared with this combination of spices, including:

He woke with his mouth feeling like sandpaper, his head pounding and his stomach rumbling. He hadn’t eaten since the day before yesterday, and it was now mid-afternoon. The memory of the blazing sun outside and the smell of food still lingered in his nostrils, but he had no idea where he was or how he’d gotten there.

Trying to focus, he saw a row of suitcases lined up against the wall. There were drawers underneath each one, but they were all locked. What looked like a small closet door stood opposite him at the foot of the bed. He rolled carefully out of bed and over to it, pressing his face against the crack and peering into what looked like a small kitchen. On one side sat a little refrigerator with a sign on it that said “Do not open”. Otherwise, everything looked as if it had just been cleaned by a crew of professional cleaners. He stumbled toward the door into what seemed to be a small bathroom, relieved himself, then washed up as best as he could in cold water and brushed his teeth with bottled toothpaste he found under the sink.

He headed back into the main room and pulled on his clothes from yesterday, reeking from two days’ wear without washing or

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