5 Secrets to Growing Your Business Beyond Your Home

5 Secrets to Growing Your Business Beyond Your Home

It is exciting to be able to work for yourself. Sometimes your business can grow so large that it is no longer possible (or advisable) to work from home. If you are considering taking the leap into a larger commercial space, there are some things you should keep in mind.

Here are some tips on growing your business beyond your home:

1) Make sure your business can support the overhead of a commercial space;

2) Figure out what location will be best for your business;

3) Make sure you choose a location where you can get all of the permits that your business requires;

4) Consider whether or not you will need employees and what kinds of costs and benefits they will bring; and

5) Make sure you have adequate insurance coverage.

In a society where entrepreneurs are growing like wildfire, home-based businesses are becoming more and more popular. Although they provide many benefits, they also come with their own challenges. If you want to grow your business beyond your home-based business you need to be willing to try new things and educate yourself. Your education should include the 5 secrets to growing your business beyond your home below:

1. Have a Business Plan

2. Join Networking Groups

3. Hire Employees

4. Get an Office

5. Be Patient

For many entrepreneurs, the dream of working from home is incredibly appealing. The idea of avoiding a long commute and increasing your work/life balance makes starting a business from home an attractive proposition.

The reality, however, is that running a business from home isn’t always quite so straightforward. In fact, many companies who start out with this model find it difficult to grow their business beyond the four walls of their house or apartment.

This may be because they lack the office space necessary to take on new staff, or simply don’t have the motivation and discipline to separate their work and family life.

So if you’ve been struggling to grow your business beyond your home and want some advice on how to do it effectively, read on for our 5 secrets to growing your business beyond your home:

Growing your business beyond the garage is a tough task. To help you, here are five secrets to growing your business beyond your home:

1) You need to understand that it’s going to be hard work.

2) Find a way to make sure you know when the right time is.

3) Don’t let yourself get frustrated.

4) Believe that you can do it.

5) Don’t forget about your family and friends.

When we first began making saffron, it was a small operation. We had a little shop at the back of our home and ran our business out of there. We did all the packaging, shipping, and marketing ourselves. It was definitely a family affair.

As our business grew, we realized that unless we made some changes, things were going to get out of hand very quickly.

We needed to expand beyond the confines of our home if we wanted to grow our business.

But where would we go?

There are lots of options for growing beyond your home base. You can open a store if you sell physical products. You can rent office space or a studio if you work from home with clients coming to you. You could become a virtual assistant working from anywhere in the world.

The choice about how to grow your business beyond your home depends on what type of business you have and what kind of growth you want to see.

You’re working hard, you’ve got a great idea, and you’ve decided to start a business and work from home. So far so good. But what do you do next? And how do you know if it’s the right thing to do?

My name is John Smith and I started Saffron in my garage in 2012. Today we have over 10,000 clients and make over $50 million in sales every year. In this blog I will share the 5 secrets that helped me grow Saffron from my garage into a multi-million dollar business.


You have a great business idea and you’re ready to grow it beyond your home. There is a whole world of resources out there to help you get started, but where do you begin?

The first thing to remember when starting a business is that you will be wearing many hats. I find it best to start thinking about my business in terms of departments. Each area of your business has its own set of tasks and expectations. Some of these areas will require more attention than others depending on the nature of your business, but each area will need to be managed in some way or another.

Here are five departments to consider when starting your business:

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