4 Steps to Make Ginger Garlic Paste

Prepare Ginger Garlic Paste at Home

Prepare Ginger Garlic Paste at Home: A blog about how to make ginger garlic paste at home.

Making ginger garlic paste is not very difficult. You just need two ingredients and a mixer grinder. That’s it! We will tell you how to do it in this blog. But before that, let us tell you why is it good to make ginger garlic paste at home.

4 Steps to Make Ginger Garlic Paste

We all know that ginger and garlic are a must when it comes to Indian cooking. As a result, some people cook with fresh ginger and garlic, but others prefer the paste versions of these ingredients. These pastes are easy to make at home, as well as easy to store in your kitchen. Here’s how you can make ginger garlic paste at home in four easy steps.

Step 1: Peel the Skin

Before you start making the ginger garlic paste, peel the skin of both ginger and garlic. For this step, you can use a peeler or a knife. To get started, take both of the ingredients in your hand and place them on a cutting board. When you’re ready to start peeling, run the peeler lengthwise along the length of each ingredient. Alternatively, you can use a paring knife for this step.

Step 2: Cut into Small Pieces

After you have peeled both ingredients, cut them into small pieces using a sharp knife. You should not put whole ginger and garlic into your food processor because they will not blend properly. If you have large chunks of either ingredient in your paste, it will be difficult to mix with other foods or liquids.

Step 3: Blend in Food

How to Make Ginger Garlic Paste at Home?

Ginger, which is a herb, originated in India and has been around for more than 5000 years. It belongs to the Zingiberaceae family and is closely related to turmeric, cardamom and galangal. The rhizome or root is used for cooking and as a medicinal herb. Ginger has a spicy, peppery flavor and a zingy aroma.

Ginger is used in cooking while garlic is used as a natural antibiotic with medicinal properties. Both are added to different dishes to provide the dish with a distinct taste and flavor. For example, ginger tea, chicken soup (with garlic), garlic bread, etc.

In countries where it is available easily, ginger garlic paste is also made at home that can be used later in several recipes. It becomes difficult when we have to add them separately into recipes so having them as a paste makes our work easier as well as saves time.

Here are 4 easy steps on how you can make ginger garlic paste at home:

Ginger garlic paste is an essential condiment in Indian cooking. It is added to most of the Indian dishes that are prepared either in a home or restaurants. Ginger and garlic when combined, brings out a unique flavour and aroma to any food. This is the reason why it is widely used in cooking. Since ginger garlic paste helps in easy digestion, the spice blend has been used for medical purposes too. It can be stored for long time without refrigeration if stored properly. In this article, we will discuss 4 steps to make ginger paste at home.

Step 1: Ingredients Needed:

· Garlic cloves- 500 grams

· Fresh ginger-500 grams

· Lime juice- 2 tbsp

· Salt- 1 tsp

· Pepper powder- 1/4 tsp

· Oil- 2 tbsp (to lubricate)

Step 2: Preparation of Ingredients:

· Peel both ginger and garlic thoroughly.

· Chop them into small pieces now. Also chop the peeled ginger and garlic with a knife if you wish to do so manually instead of using the mixer grinder later on. However, chopping by hand may take more time than using a mixer grinder. So it’s preferable to use the mixer grinder as

Ginger and garlic are indispensable ingredients in dishes that require a punch of flavor. If you’re fond of creamy curries, marinated chicken, or sweet and sour sauces, you cannot go without ginger garlic paste. The good thing is, it’s easy to make ginger garlic paste at home!

But before we get into the how-to, let me tell you why I think it’s best to make your own ginger garlic paste at home.

– It’s cheaper

– It’s more hygienic

– You can make a big batch and store it in the fridge for a week or so

– You can customize it to your liking

How to make Ginger Garlic Paste?

Ginger garlic paste is used as a base in most Indian curries and also in many other cuisines. It can be bought from the market, but when you make it at home, you can control the amount of salt, oil and preservatives that go into it. Home-made ginger garlic paste has a fresh aroma and taste. You could use it immediately or refrigerate it for later use.


Ginger – 100 gms

Garlic – 100 gms

Salt – 1 tsp (optional)

Oil- 2 tbsp


Peel the ginger and garlic cloves and grind them together to get a fine and smooth paste. You may add some water if needed. You could also use a food processor or blender. Add salt (optional), oil and mix well. Store in an airtight container and refrigerate for up to 2 months.

It is very difficult to grate ginger and garlic in small quantity, so it is better to make paste at home and store it. Ginger garlic paste can be used in many recipes.

Step 1: Ingredients

3-4 inch piece of fresh ginger

1 whole garlic bulb, peeled

3-4 tablespoon sunflower oil or any oil of your choice

Step 2: Preparation

Chop the ginger into small pieces, crush the garlic cloves or cut them into several pieces and put them in a grinder. Now add 3-4 tablespoons of oil and grind to a smooth paste. You may add more oil if required. If you want to keep the paste for longer period of time then refrigerate it and use as required.

Step 3: Storing Ginger Garlic Paste

You can store this paste for at least 2 months in refrigerator. Always use dry clean spoon while taking out the paste from container. I have also seen some people storing this paste in ice cube tray and freezing it, which seems like a good idea too as you can easily take out few cubes as per your requirement.

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