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jaifal is a Chinese traditional handicraft made of paper. It generally adopts the form of a bird, which can be folded, unfolded and played. It is a kind of art and has a history of more than 2500 years. Because of its convenient size, it is easy to carry in one’s pocket and easy to play with. But the most important thing is that its facial expression is vivid and lively.

What makes jaifal so attractive are its vivid facial features. The eyes are round, hilarious and brilliant. The mouth is small and sweet with tiny teeth inside. The eyebrows are curved upward like two crescent moons. All these distinguish it from other kinds of toys or dolls which merely have some rough features or are just like a blank sheet of paper. Jaifal looks very humanlike just because of these facial features.

In addition to its humanlike appearance, jaifal also bears many fine decorations on its body such as glossy silk thread making it very stylish and fashionable

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This is my name. It consists of three Chinese characters that are pronounced roughly “jack fall”. I am not sure what it means; the characters don’t seem to correspond to anything in English or Chinese.

I chose the name because it is extremely hard for computers to recognize. I want to reduce the amount of junk mail I get, and one way to do that is to register a name that does not match any real person. You can’t create your own name in the US without jumping through a lot of hoops, but in China you can do pretty much whatever you want if you are willing to pay enough money.

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